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Luxury Hospitality Management

University of West London · London School of Hospitality and Tourism

Entry requirements

You would normally be expected to have a good honours degree (2.2. or above) from a UK university, or equivalent, in any subject.

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January, September

Course content

According to the World Luxury Index™ London is one of the fastest growing destinations (followed by Dubai and Paris) for consumers who wish to experience luxury hospitality services in the wide range of luxury hotels and fine dining restaurants the city has to offer. A political, financial and cultural magnet for the discerning traveller, London boasts globally recognised hotels and restaurants that have become prominent landmarks in the city’s landscape, often with decades-long traditions. The luxury sector, prior to the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) was described as a closed system that did not value continuous collaboration and cooperation with their consumers. The focus was often on the delivery of consistent (often regimented) products and services of highest quality as efficiently as possible. In contrast, post-GFC luxury businesses are said to be more open, and more self-reflexive, on a journey of continuous discovery for what best suits the needs of customers. This change has been a result of new luxury consumers, often referred to as the ‘discerning affluent’ as well as of the changing expectations of the old guard of wealthy customers. In addition, newly affluent consumers in emerging markets such as China, Russia, Brazil and India are said to crave a taste of what is the latest western edginess. The luxury hospitality sector is now all about the business of designing memorable and meaningful experiences through delivering experience-centric services.

Given that the luxury sector is the fastest growing sector of the $6 trillion global hospitality industry and is becoming increasingly eclectic and highly competitive, this postgraduate course is specifically designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge and insight to develop a global vision of the business and the ability to successfully design and manage a luxury hospitality brand.

The MA in Luxury Hospitality Management curriculum is linked externally with leading luxury hospitality brands and enterprises and internally with the academic hospitality community. Designing and managing ‘experience centric’ luxury hospitality requires students to pursue new approaches where empathy, intuition and the art of anticipation are dominant. The course enables them to approach business challenges from a global perspective, integrating academic and technical knowledge, and assess situations from financial, commercial and cultural standpoints. Students learn how to champion and protect the trusted reputation of their brands and develop action plans based on rigorous theoretical frameworks that they can use in their professional careers to manage change and transfer competencies and know-how. By working in teams they learn how to build commitment and develop the communication and organizational skills that secures team ‘buy-in’ and successful project management.

The Internship Course seeks to provide the same rigorous and challenging programme of professional practice as the MA but has the added advantage of including a 24 week paid internship incorporated into the period of study. This makes it ideal for students seeking to add a practical dimension to their studies and understand the demands of workplace supervision and management. Internship opportunities exist throughout the hospitality industry both within the UK and overseas. The internship process is co-ordinated by the University’s own dedicated internship team and draws upon the School's contacts with luxury hotels and fine-dining restaurants.

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