Entry requirements

Standard postgraduate entrance requirements are as follows: a degree from a recognised university or qualification or experience deemed to be equivalent English Language competency judged sufficient to undertake advanced level study, equivalent to an IELTS score of at least 6.5 (or as specified in the course criteria)

Months of entry


Course content

This new course covers the key principles of sports nutrition and exercise physiology, right up to and including the latest research findings, as well as offering practical experience of the practicalities of working with all kinds of athletes.

Advanced performance nutrition

You will look at nutritional needs of specific athletic populations, the impact of extremes of environment, and possible contributions of diet and ergogenic aids. You will also work shadow a professional sports nutrition practitioner, and produce a reflective report.

Assessment of health and fitness

You will examine the range of techniques used in assessing health and fitness, from general population up to elite performers, and the appropriate evaluation of results.

Concepts and principles in nutrition

The basic concepts and principles of nutritional science with an emphasis on developing a critical understanding of the scientific basis of nutritional requirements, and the factors that influence them.

Nutrition and performance

This module examines the role of nutrition in enhancing exercise and sports performance, including understanding of nutritional ergogenic aids and their regulation.

Nutritional assessment

You will study the theory and practice of methods of assessing nutritional status, at individual, group and population levels.

Practitioner skills for sports nutrition

The module aim is to prepare students for the professional demands they will be required to meet once practicing in a consultancy or team environment. This includes assessing and analysing, communication skills, and models for changes, compliance, and follow up that are needed and can significantly impact the outcome of nutritional interventions either positively or negatively, as well as ethics, governance, professional conducts and business skills.

Research methods

This module ensures that basic methodology, design study, data handling and statistics are approached correctly in formulating the research project.

Research project

Your project should be an original study reflecting your expertise or interest, supervised by a research-active member of staff, requiring a high-level of scientific rigour and originality, and culminating in your project dissertation.

Qualification and course duration


part time
24 months
full time
12 months

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