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Epidemiology Postgraduate

Utrecht University · Life Sciences

Entry requirements

The Epidemiology postgraduate programme is highly suitable for applicants who already have completed a postgraduate medical or biomedical degree, such as physicians, veterinarians, pharmacists, and PhD candidates holding a Master's degree in Life Sciences. Students holding a bachelor degree, can join the regular, 2 years master programme. Please note that the Epidemiology Postgraduate programme is not state funded. This means that the programme has a total tuition fee of € 18,182 for EU students and a total fee of € 27,000 for non-EU students.* The programme is not eligible for study financing from the Dutch student grant and loans system (studie financiering) and follows a different application procedure.

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For the online Master's programme Elevate Health offers scholarships for talented and motivated students. Please contact Elevate to find out if you are eligible for such a scholarship.

Months of entry


Course content

Make a difference in health care

Looking for a postgraduate programme that focuses on competencies that you need as an epidemiologist? The epidemiology postgraduate programme is a globally oriented programme with a focus on research towards evidence-based medicine and evidence-based public health. The epidemiology postgraduate master is extremely meaningful for everyone in the medical or life sciences field. Choose either our regular 1.5 year face-to-face programme in Utrecht or the 3-5 year online programme, offered via the online platform Elevate Health. The course content of the face-to-face and the online programme is identical, the learning method is different. Join our programme!

The right choice for you?

In this Postgraduate Master’s programme you will examine the distribution and determinants of health and morbidity in specific populations. With evidence-based medicine setting new standards, there is a growing demand for specialists working on the design, data collection, analysis, and interpretation of epidemiological and health research. This scientific discipline is increasingly in demand in clinical research (human, pharmaceutical, and veterinary), industry and policymaking. Epidemiology Postgraduate is offered as:

  • Epidemiology Postgraduate, a face-to-face programme taught in Utrecht (1.5 years)
  • Epidemiology Postgraduate Online programme will be studied online (3-5 years)

The difference between both master's programmes is the learning method. The course content of the face-to-face programme (Epidemiology Postgraduate) is identical to the online programme (Epidemiology Postgraduate Online). All courses within Epidemiology Postgraduate Online are offered by the platform of Elevate Health.

What you'll learn

In the Epidemiology Postgraduate programme you will learn to operate as an epidemiologist and clinical researcher. The aim of our programme is to provide you with extensive knowledge and practical skills in patient-oriented research design, implementation, quantitative analysis and its application to human or veterinary medicine and public health. The gained knowledge and skills form a solid basis for health research and disease control programs, including application in Low and Lower-Middle Income countries. The programme consists of core courses specialization courses and a research project.

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Why study Epidemiology Postgraduate at Utrecht University?

The programme is taught by internationally renowned lecturers such as professors Rick Grobbee, MD PhD FESC and Arno Hoes, MD PhD, both famous within the field of epidemiology. Our online programme gives you maximal flexibility and time-efficiency to learn at the time and location most convenient to you, what makes this programme very practical in combination with a career. Utrecht University and the University Medical Center Utrecht have an outstanding academic reputation and are reputable partners that Elevate Health is proud to work with.MSc Epidemiology, the regular, 2 years face-to-face master programme is evaluated as #1 Master's programme in the Dutch Master's Selection Guide 2015!

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Career in Epidemiology

Epidemiologyical research is increasingly asked for in clinical research, industry and policymaking, due to major changes in public health, health care systems, global demographic and economic trends.

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Information for international students

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Fees and funding

UK students
€ 18,182 total (EU/EEA)
International students
€ 27,000 total (non-EU/EEA)

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Qualification and course duration


full time
36-60 months
part time
36-60 months

Course contact details

Maud Verhoef-Jurgens