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Entry requirements

All applicants are invited to interview to ensure that the programmes can help you to achieve the things that you want and need. To this end, we ask that each applicant prepares a short “statement of intent” setting out where you believe you can develop your skills or existing ideas whilst studying with us. Most applicants find this helpful, as their interview can expand the details and consider the appropriateness of the curriculum during the interview.

Overseas students can submit their port-folio and statement of intent digitally if they are unable to visit the university in person.

All applicants are expected to hold a good and relevant initial degree, or provide a port folio of their own work, demonstrating equivalence to an initial degree.

Months of entry


Course content

Develop and enrich your artistic skills with our MA Art Practice.

As your creativity matures, this course will allow you to hone your talent through the application of contemporary and traditional methods, reflective approaches and attitudes as you advance as an affective artistic practitioner. In addition you will have the opportunity to expand their skills into new subject disciplines as you work your ideas through into images and objects.

Much of the learning is “situation based” – meaning your experience gathered from previous work will be required as you tackle challenging and complex scenarios and devise solutions to them.

You will also have the opportunity to exhibit work and to take part in New Designers – a major opportunity to showcase new talent to the creative and design industries.

Key course features

  • You will work with experienced artists and designers.
  • Opportunity to learn new skills in painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, animation, illustration, graphics, graphic novels, ceramics, glass and jewellery metalwork.
  • Take part in Creative Futures, an event to focus upon career options for those with creative skills with visiting speakers from a wide range of art and design professions.
  • Take the opportunity to collaborate or form a collective to enhance your career potential
  • Showcase your work in the university Gallery Sycharth, School of Creative Arts or other external venues.
  • Explore your potential as a researcher as you learn about the methods and protocols of supervised study.

The curriculum is split into 3 stages: The Postgraduate Certificate, the Postgraduate Diploma and the Master of Arts Degree. The Certificate and Diploma comprise Part 1 of the programme and the Master’s Stage is Part 2.

Part 1 comprises three 40 credit modules in which you will discover and disclose the influences that feed into your creative practice – for some it is artworks, for others it may be writing or music – we all draw inspiration from particular sources. You have chance to deepen your understanding of these influences and evaluate your responses to them.

We also include a research orientated module, to teach you systems and methods of researching in order that you can grow in confidence as your knowledge becomes increasingly specialised and your opinions more informed by your findings.

Finally in Part 1 of the programme, we demonstrate how to audit our own skills as “creatives”, and to use that experience to develop a project tailored to your individual needs and career aspiration.

In Part 2, you will consolidate your researches and nominate a project that can be expressed in two forms; words and visuals. Normally, Master of Arts students submit a short dissertation relating to their practical work, or a word based activity equivalent to a dissertation in its depth of enquiry and reasoning. The resulting practical work is exhibited at the conclusion of the programme.

Major assessments are positioned at the end of each module, with formative assessment around the mid way point. Assessments are inclusive and all students are encouraged to engage with their assessors and justify the creative decisions leading to their works. We try to make assessments an important part of learning but not intimidating. We encourage and reward creative energy.

The information listed in this section is an overview of the academic content of the programme that will take the form of either core or option modules. Modules are designated as core or option in accordance with professional body requirements and internal academic framework review, so may be subject to change.

Information for international students

For fees purposes,please contact the Glyndwr University International Office; 0044 1978 293439(outside the UK) or 01978 293439 (within the UK). E-mailenquiries@glyndwr.ac.uk enquiries@glyndwr.ac.uk or 'International Students' link on homepage.

Qualification and course duration


full time
12 months
part time
24 months

Further details of qualification

We aim to ensure that our graduates have a portfolio of work and a range of skills which not only helps them to establish themselves as professional practitioners, but also enables them to seek opportunity to work alongside other creatives or fulfilment of their career objectives.

Course contact details

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