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Meteorologist: Employers and vacancy sources

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The largest employer of meteorologists in the UK is the Met Office . It incorporates the Met Office Hadley Centre , a world-renowned centre for advanced climate modelling and monitoring.

Most employees are based at the Met Office's headquarters in Exeter, but there are many smaller offices including an operational centre in Aberdeen and remote centres across the country, as well as overseas locations including Africa, the South Atlantic and the Antarctic.

A subsidiary of the Met Office is the Mobile Met Unit (MMU), whose staff are attached to Royal Air Force (RAF)  units and may be employed throughout the world on both military exercises and operations.

Meteorologists are also employed by research centres, such as the:

Other employers of meteorologists include:

Sources of vacancies

Make sure you research organisations thoroughly and consider sending a speculative application where appropriate.

Recruitment agencies rarely handle vacancies for meteorologists.

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Written by AGCAS editors
November 2013

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