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Office manager: Career development

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An office manager role is not usually an entry-level position, and you will be expected to have gained previous administrative or managerial experience, preferably in a related sector.

Once in the post, career development may take a variety of routes. It may involve taking on extra responsibilities, such as managing more staff or taking on some senior management responsibilities.

Alternatively you could manage a different office in the organisation, which has a larger workforce or carries more responsibility. For example, you may move from managing a small team in the finance section to managing the whole finance department.

After extensive experience as an office manager, career development is likely to involve a step up into senior management and it may be possible to later progress to head of department.

The exact stages of career development are often dependent on the organisation and employment sector you work for, but most organisations encourage office managers to take on extra responsibility. This may be in areas such as finance, human resources and strategic development.

Bottlenecks can occur for senior posts, particularly when there are several office managers within an organisation. Developing a specialist area may help if it is relevant to the post.

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Written by AGCAS editors
March 2015

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