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Volunteer coordinator: Job description

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A volunteer coordinator manages all elements of volunteering either within their own organisation or on behalf of the organisation for which they are recruiting volunteers.

The role involves assessing and meeting an organisation's needs through the recruitment, placement and retention of volunteers.

Volunteer coordinators manage volunteers and their relationships with those they come into contact with, including employees and service users of an organisation. They also monitor, evaluate and accredit volunteers.

Volunteer coordinators work across all sectors including public and private, but mainly in the voluntary sector.

The role of a volunteer coordinator has gained increased recognition as a profession within its own right, although in smaller charities it is sometimes combined with another role.

Typical work activities

The responsibilities of a volunteer coordinator usually include:

  • researching and writing volunteer policies and procedures, including risk assessments;
  • liaising with departments within their own organisation or with organisations for which they are recruiting volunteers (e.g. charities and councils) to understand how they work, develop partnerships and assess their volunteering needs;
  • generating appropriate volunteering opportunities and role descriptions based on the needs of the organisation;
  • raising staff awareness of the role and the function of volunteers;
  • ensuring there is appropriate support and training for volunteers;
  • promoting volunteering (internally and externally) through recruitment and publicity strategies and campaigns;
  • interviewing and recruiting volunteers and ensuring they are appropriately matched and trained for a position;
  • organising rotas and providing inductions and training;
  • monitoring, supporting, motivating and accrediting volunteers and their work;
  • celebrating volunteering by nominating volunteers for awards and organising celebration events;
  • offering advice and information to volunteers and external organisations through face-to-face, telephone and email contact;
  • organising profile-raising events to attract new volunteers;
  • attending committees and meetings;
  • managing budgets and resources, including the reimbursement of expenses;
  • keeping up to date with legislation and policy related to volunteering and making any necessary modifications to accommodate changes;
  • working with multiple agencies across different sectors in order to establish good working relationships to influence decisions about volunteering;
  • generating income, writing funding bids and fundraising to make projects sustainable;
  • monitoring and evaluating activities and writing reports for funders and trustees;
  • maintaining databases and undertaking any other administrative duties.

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Written by Gemma Halder, AGCAS
April 2015

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