Apprenticeship cover letter

May, 2023

Apprenticeships provide a viable alternative to university. If you've chosen to earn while you learn our apprenticeship cover letter example shows you how to impress with your application

Start by proving your attention to detail in your introduction. What do they call their apprenticeship programme? (Do they even use the word apprentice? Sometimes they can be called school leaver schemes). Are they asking you to apply for the whole apprenticeship programme, or do they want you to specify which specialism or track you're interested in?

Just like in any other application you'll need to tailor your letter to the company, even if you are applying for more than one apprenticeship and using a similar letter for each application. Use anything you know about the company to make your letter specific - have you seen a local project they are undertaking? Do they advertise locally or nationally? do they do any community work?

When applying for this route into work it's important to let the recruiter know that you have positively chosen an apprenticeship instead of university. You need to make sure that your letter gets across that you really want to work for the organisation. Look carefully at the company's website and pick something about them that appeals to you. This could be that they are long-established, a large multinational or a local, family firm.

Also don't be embarrassed about saying good things about yourself. It's not boasting, it's just letting them know why you'll be an asset to their company. This is no time to be modest. There's no need to lay it on thick, an accurate mention of your skills will be enough. There will be lots of applications for recruiters to read so you want to make it easy for them to find out about you.

Please be aware that this is an example. Use this cover letter template to help generate ideas and structure your own document but avoid copying and pasting. Your cover letter needs to be original and tailored to the job you're applying for.

Jo Yotan 54 The Close Nearton Herechester HC5 1CH 07788 999000

Ms Geraldine Cranefeld Student recruitment manager International Engineering Engineering House XYZ Business Park Herechester HC7 4JP

5th May 2023

Dear Ms Cranefeld

2023 Engineering Degree Apprenticeship Programme

I would like to apply for your 2023 Engineering Degree Apprenticeship Programme and am attaching my CV. I would like to get a degree through combining practical, on-the-job learning with classroom experience and I am particularly interested in the Electronics Engineering Programme on offer.

Since completing my A-levels in maths, IT and physics, I have worked at Foodhouse Superstore, covering shifts as rostered. I have mainly worked in stock replenishment, helping out on other teams if needed, including customer service on tills and the shop floor.

I also have a Saturday job at a local car repair workshop. In the two years I have worked there, I have been involved in all aspects of car repair. Recently, I have taken on more of the electronic and diagnostic work, enabling me to use and improve my problem-solving skills.

I did my Year 10 work experience at a HVAC company, where I spent time on site with one of the field engineers and worked in the office to see how jobs are booked and scheduled. I was particularly fascinated by how heating and ventilation systems are planned in the design department.

My time management and organisation skills have helped me to combine schoolwork with my weekend job while also keeping up my sports. I am pleased that I helped my netball team win the cup at the same time as achieving good grades.

I am keen to work for International Engineering, as a local company which works across the UK and internationally. I would like to use my engineering training to work on your alternative energy projects, such as the collaborations with African nations to reduce the dependency on oil.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

(Sign your name here)

Jo Yotan

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