Cover letter by a Masters graduate

Employers don't always distinguish between a Masters and Bachelors degree when recruiting. It's up to you to explain in your cover letter what skills and knowledge you have gained through this higher qualification.

Mrs S Reilly PDF Engineering The Highway Newcastle NG9 7PS

10th December 2015

Job reference: Graduate trainee manager vacancy

Dear Mrs Reilly,

I am writing to apply for the graduate trainee manager role at PDF Engineering, as advertised on The Guardian website. I have attached my CV to accompany this letter. I graduated this summer with an MSc in Management at the University of Edinburgh and am currently seeking a role that will allow me to use the technical knowledge gained from my first degree in mechanical engineering and my subsequent Masters qualification. The trainee manager position at PDF Engineering appears to offer exactly this and I feel that I have a lot to bring to the role.

From my CV, I hope you can appreciate my commitment to a career in management. I have spent the last year focusing on this discipline and really developing my knowledge and skills in this area.

My MSc allowed me to develop my communication skills and I have enjoyed building relationships with the wide range of students and staff that were part of the programme. I enjoy working with people, leading teams and presenting a considered point of view - all skills relevant to the trainee manager role at PDF Engineering.

I also have experience of leading a team, notably the team leader role I undertook as part of the university's 'Management Challenge' in 2014. This was a demanding role that included: project management; team management and motivation; prioritisation; and presentation skills. As a member of the winning team, I was delighted to have played a part in our success. Indeed, I am a responsible and motivated individual who would welcome the opportunity to train, and work towards becoming, a future manager at PDF Engineering. I look forward to discussing my application in further detail at the interview.

Yours sincerely,


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