Cover letter for changing career

May, 2023

If you've made the decision to affect a career change, you'll first need to explain why to employers in your cover letter. Our career change cover letter example shows you how

Begin with a statement about why you want to change career. Mention your previous job/career and your main reasons for wanting a change in direction. Keep it brief - you can go into more detail about this if invited for interview.

Next move on to discuss your past experience, linking this to the job and company where possible. It's important to highlight skills that all employers are interested in and demonstrate, with relevant examples, how your knowledge and experience matches that listed in the job description/person specification.

If you have any professional or additional qualifications from your previous career that may be useful or relevant to your new career path, be sure to mention these.

Also include a positive statement about what attracted you to the particular job and employer and show knowledge of what the company does.

To finish, outline how you can contribute to the organisation.

Please be aware that this is an example. Use this career change cover letter template to help generate ideas and structure your own document but avoid copying and pasting. Your cover letter needs to be original and tailored to the job you're applying for.

James Smithers 25 Acacia Grove Somewhere SX23 1PW 07757342132

Sue Greenwood Director SG Psychology Services Ltd Redwood Court Old Lane Somewhere SX99 4BZ

5th May 2023

Dear Ms Greenwood

Re: Psychology assistant

I would like to apply for the post of psychology assistant advertised on your website. I enclose my CV.

As you can see, I worked as a youth worker for five years. During this period I became aware of the extent of mental health issues among children and young adults. Although I supported young people to the best of my abilities, I realised that many need further help and professional psychological skills. Therefore, I have recently completed a Graduate Diploma in Psychology, in order to equip me with the knowledge and build on the skills required to work successfully in child psychology.

Throughout my career I have worked with a range of young people. Particularly relevant is my work with

  • ASD young people
  • young offenders and those at risk of offending
  • young males, with whom I completed a self-harm project.

While studying I used and developed time management skills by working part-time and collaborating with other Diploma students to run outdoor activity days for ASD teenagers.

I have always taken initiative in my own professional and personal development. In addition to developing my career through the Graduate Diploma in Psychology, I have:

  • completed a 'Train the Trainer' course, which I have used when training fellow professionals - this has also proved useful in group work with young people
  • undertaken training in assessments, which I used when contributing to assessments of young people at risk of offending.

I welcome the opportunity to work with SG Psychology Services for the variety of work it undertakes. This post will give me valuable experience of psychology services, particularly working with young people in an education setting. I also hope to contribute to your services with my experience of working closely with young people over extended periods of time.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

(Sign your name here)

James Smithers

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