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Assistant storyliner — Ayodele Ogunshakin

Ayodele studied BA Media Production at the University of Lincoln, completing a semester abroad at Minnesota State University Moorhead in the United States, before landing a role as Coronation Street assistant storyliner for ITV

How did you get your job working for ITV?

I attended a Coronation Street Storyliner workshop held by ITV in Manchester and was invited to interview for a position after submitting a storyline proposal.

What's a typical day like as an assistant storyliner?

There isn't a typical day in the story office, but we tend to talk through storylines in a small group as a starting point. We break down the story into episodes and scenes and then one person writes the story as it has been discussed.

My job also includes some administration tasks such as writing summaries of stories and character biographies for new characters.

What do you enjoy about your job in TV production?

I love being creative and getting to write stories for characters many people know and love.

What are the challenges?

Some stories are harder than others and can be more difficult to write.

In what way is your degree relevant?

My degree taught me how to work well with others, which is extremely important in my role - as the story team is very much a team.

It was also good to have the experience of working to tight deadlines, which was another skill gained from my time at university.

How has your role developed?

Since joining the team, I've been given more opportunities to write big stories and have been able to pitch some stories of my own.

How did Creative Access support you?

Creative Access advertised the Coronation Street workshop and I wouldn't have even known about the opportunity without them.

How do I get into television production?

There isn't a specific way to get into television. However, I'd recommend looking for opportunities to get as many transferable skills as possible.

You can also contact people in the industry for advice, as those working in television are always happy to share their experiences and offer support.

Finally, it's very important to work hard, as your reputation is huge in the television industry - people want to work with pleasant people who they know are good at what they do.

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