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Introducing MSc Healthcare Leadership — University of Liverpool Online

If you want to equip yourself with the key tools to drive innovation within worldwide healthcare then this course could be for you. Dr Jennifer Johnson, associate professor, School of Management and Susan Buttress, director of postgraduate education, School of Medicine explain more

What is healthcare leadership?

Within the medical and healthcare fields, a range of disciplines come together to form a cohesive service to cure, research and treat diseases, as well as educating the public and improving healthcare provision on a national scale.

To ensure the smooth collaboration between all of these disciplines, health leaders manage parts of, or even entire medical organisations, facilitating better cohesion and making sure that patients are getting the best possible healthcare service.

Healthcare leadership jobs are some of the most important in the sector, and embarking on a healthcare leadership course, including those taught through distance learning, gives students the essential skills they need to become the medical leaders of tomorrow.

What does the MSc Healthcare Leadership programme involve?

This Masters is a unique interdisciplinary programme jointly delivered by the University of Liverpool's AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS accredited Management School and the School of Medicine - one of the largest medical education providers in the UK. The programme aims to advance your leadership skills, knowledge and behaviour - understanding the interface between these is key to your success as a healthcare professional seeking to contribute to the improvement of patient care and healthcare systems.

You will develop the ability to make effective decisions using a pragmatic and evidence-based approach and lead proactively, reflectively and with confidence. You will also learn how to lead at individual, team, organisational and national levels; and establish robust, appropriate, and innovative leadership practices within the healthcare environment, from a small practice to larger clinical environments. 

Through online discussion, you will have collaborative learning opportunities to apply leadership theory to healthcare settings and critically analyse and discuss case studies with your fellow students. Due to the global reach of this programme, you will gain valuable insights and perspectives from international peers, in private and public sector healthcare settings across the world.  

Where can the course lead?

Upon graduation, you will be equipped to provide impactful outcomes for your organisation by offering innovative and high-quality solutions to key contemporary issues within changing healthcare contexts. 

Graduates will possess the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in a range of managerial and senior roles within healthcare organisations, healthcare governing bodies, and community healthcare organisations, as well as related sectors such as financial and consulting. These could include positions in: 

  • clinical leadership
  • marketing
  • finance
  • strategy
  • international development
  • research
  • human resources.  

Additionally, you will gain the leadership skills required to be an effective leader, as well as professional skills, such as teamwork, critical thinking and research, which will generally enhance your CV and improve your career prospects.

What type of students would suit this course?

Applicants should possess either a minimum 2:1 degree in any subject, or professional work experience in other healthcare settings. All applications are considered on a case-by-case basis and prior qualifications will also be taken into consideration.

The course will suit current leaders, clinicians and healthcare professionals from all disciplines.

What advice do you have for anyone considering a career in healthcare leadership?

  • Read the information on the University of Liverpool website and if you have any queries contact us.
  • Expand your knowledge of other disciplines and services.
  • Network with others across your own organisation and outside of it.

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