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LLB Law graduate — Lingxi Wang

Lingxi studied the LLB Law at SOAS, University of London before becoming a solicitor specialising in Islamic Finance

Why did you choose to study law?

I have always wanted to be a lawyer. I did some research and discovered that the most straightforward way to qualify was to study for a qualifying law degree before starting my professional qualifications.

Why did you choose this particular course and institution?

I chose the LLB Law degree at SOAS because the university offered a different course compared to law degrees at other universities. Given SOAS's focus on Asia and Africa, I knew that I would have the opportunity to learn about legal systems other than in Europe and North America. I was able to study modules including Islamic law and the Law of China which weren't available at other institutions.

Tell us about the course and what it involved.

Given that it was a qualifying law degree it meant that I had to take all of the core law subjects such as criminal, property and public law etc. However, studying at SOAS meant that I was also able to take courses such as the Legal Systems of Asia and Africa, and undertake an independent research project in my final year. My independent research project was focused on the 2008 Beijing Olympics and whether this global event would lead to China instituting new legislation around property reform to facilitate a transition to a rule based system.

What did enjoy about the course?

I enjoyed the analytical aspects of studying law and undertaking research into cases that established precedents for the law.

What were the challenges?

The main challenge was that I had not studied any law at all prior to starting this course so I had to get to grips with a new subject very quickly.

How was the course assessed?

It was 80% examined and 20% course work.

What three qualities are important for a career in law?

  • An analytical mindset as you will be given a lot of information to review and then summarise the key points for clients.
  • Good communication skills since you will be communicating verbally and in writing with clients
  • Commercial awareness because if you are working with business clients then you will need to understand their business and what key issues affect them.

What advice would you give to others who want to study law?

I would recommend that they speak to somebody who is already studying the subject to find out what it is like day-to-day. I find that studying a subject is easiest when you are passionate about it. There are many routes into the legal profession so don't focus solely on the end objective of becoming a lawyer.

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