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Marketing virtual intern — Grace Kerner

Grace studied English Literature at Newcastle University and has since completed two virtual marketing internships to enhance her knowledge

What internship did you do and where?

I completed a virtual internship with Girls in Marketing focusing on digital marketing and also a separate programme with Raptor Marketing.

Why did you do a virtual internship? Was it part of your course?

It was not a requirement of my course. I chose a virtual internship as it was a flexible option for me which meant I could complete the training alongside my degree and everyday life commitments. Having the flexibility to work from anywhere and still gain valuable skills and increase my employability really appealed to me.

How was your internship arranged?

For both of my virtual internships, it was a straightforward online application and a short description of my interest in the internship.

What did the internship involve?

The Raptor Marketing internship lasted six weeks and covered various marketing topics including new business, account management, and entrepreneurship through tutorials. In these tutorials, supervisors assessed our work and provided feedback on weekly tasks.

The three-day digital marketing internship with Girls in Marketing delved deeper into specific areas of digital marketing. Various brands partnered with the programme and conducted seminars on search engine optimisation (SEO), brand strategy, customer relationship management systems, and coding, as well as seminars on building strong CVs for the industry and the importance of personal branding.

What did you enjoy about your virtual internship?

Both internships provided me with the opportunity to explore areas of marketing and digital marketing that were new to me in greater depth. They allowed me to expand my understanding of the sector and narrow down the specific areas I would like to pursue in my career. Additionally, I found the CV and job application guidance valuable in my recent job search.

What were the challenges?

Although it refined my ability to multitask and manage my time, the most challenging thing during my internship with Raptor Marketing was managing the workload alongside my final essays and dissertation for my undergraduate degree.

What are the benefits of completing an internship?

An internship gives you a real insight into a sector and allows you to broaden your knowledge, particularly if you do not have a background of study in that subject like I me. Internships are a great opportunity to get an overview of a particular sector and find out what areas you are more interested in to utilise this within your job search.

Was the internship paid?

No, neither of the internships were paid. However, finding online programmes that offer the same level of knowledge and learning without a cost can be challenging - I think it is well worth the additional unpaid work.

What are your career ambitions?

I am looking to pursue a career in the marketing and media sector. Therefore, I have been utilising these internships to build my knowledge and understanding of the sector and refine what I would like to go into. As someone who hasn't studied marketing specifically, these internships have allowed me to direct my job search to one specific area of marketing.

How will virtual internship help your career?

These internships have expanded my knowledge of the sector and equipped me with the fundamental skills of the marketing field that I can apply to entry-level roles. Not only this - but by completing these internships, I have shown to my prospective employers my desire to further my knowledge in pursuit of a career in this industry.

What advice would you give to others?

Take as much knowledge and learning as you can from your internship and use them as great experiences as you look for job opportunities.

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