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Association of Corporate Treasurers

Updated: June, 2017

About Association of Corporate Treasurers

The Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) is the chartered professional body for treasury, a key finance function that lies at the heart of every business. Treasury involves the management of money and financial risks in a business, with a priority for ensuring the business has the money it needs to manage its day-to-day obligations. Treasurers also help develop an organisation’s long term financial strategy and policies.

The ACT lead the profession through our internationally recognised treasury qualifications, by defining standards and championing continuous professional development.

The end of your university studies doesn't mean the end of your learning. It can be pretty daunting out there in the professional world, especially if you’re new to it, but the ACT supports individuals and organisations in the treasury and finance world by offering a range of resources and services for existing members, students and those who are interested in treasury.

We educate through our qualifications, training and learning programmes
We grow networks through events, conferences and regional groups
We guide, inform and support through our webinars, publications, membership services and policy and technical work

So why is treasury important and why is it a viable career for me?

What sets treasury apart from other professions is its dual role: to manage the business’s money while acting as a link between the business and the world of finance, such as banks, credit agencies, foreign exchange and regulatory bodies.
Employers are relying more and more on finance professionals with treasury expertise because they know how to make the most of all available money and resources, while managing risk and creating competitive advantage to add value and drive business success.

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Great. Am I qualified to do this? If not, how can I get qualified?

Some organisations will employ you without a professional treasury qualification, particularly if you have a higher level qualification in a related field, but recruiters are seeing more and more that a professional qualification can really make your CV stand out.

ACT qualifications provide technical, business, behavioural and practical skills that can be immediately applied on-the-job. All qualifications are delivered using flexible online learning via the ACT Learning Academy so people can build their finance know-how, when they like and where they like, at a pace that suits them. You can focus on treasury qualifications and work your way through the pathway to treasury expertise, take the cash qualifications route, or even both to really diversify your skills!

Treasury qualifications pathway

Cash management qualifications

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What else can I do to get ahead of the game?

ACT membership offers people access to a global network of treasury and finance expertise, along with exclusive resources and benefits to meet every stage of their career development. Holding ACT membership speaks volumes, as it shows employers a person’s ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest professional standards.

It enables members to:

  • boost their CV with a mark of distinction from the Chartered body for the profession
  • advance their expertise and your skills-base
  • develop their business contacts and support networks
  • stand out as a credible, rounded professional

To get started, anyone can join the ACT as an eAffiliate member for as little as £50 per year. This entry level membership enables people to be a part of ACT’s global network and access a wealth of online resources to boost their industry knowledge and connections.

Find out more about treasury as a career by visiting the ACT website or contacting us via the details provided.


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