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City Year

Updated: January, 2017

About City Year

Give a year. Change the world.

City Year UK challenges young people to tackle educational inequality through a year of full-time volunteering in schools. It's a year for 18 to 25-year-olds, from all backgrounds, to support children growing up in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the country. Equally, it's also a year for our volunteers to realise their own aspirations and grow as leaders, both through the achievements they'll share with pupils and the training, coaching and career development opportunities they receive.

The challenge

The UK is a wealthy country, yet some of its people are among the poorest in the developed world.

Children living in poverty in the UK can be affected by many other limitations, and are often lacking:

  • Opportunities for social and emotional development
  • Effective and constructive feedback
  • Support for reliable role models
  • Knowledge of different career paths and how to achieve their goals.

This means too many children in the UK are unable to take advantage of opportunities and reach their full potential.

Our approach

We are pioneering a new way of addressing social and educational challenges in the UK.

We carefully select a group of diverse young people – who we train intensively and who give one-to-one, tailored support to at-risk pupils in UK schools that need us most. The pupils we work with often face emotional and social challenges, we help them to develop the skills they need to face these challenges head-on.

Our young people become an integral part of each of our partner schools, helping to improve pupils’ academic achievement, attendance, behaviour and create an environment where they can feel confident and enjoy learning.

Developing leaders

Our leadership development programme is designed to help you make maximum impact in schools and develop as socially conscious leaders for life. We believe in experiential learning - i.e. learning through the experience of being in a classroom - and this is underpinned by training, which is designed to enable you to confidently transition from education into employment, training or further education.

You will be in school Monday to Thursday and on Fridays you will come together as a group in an environment away from the classroom to share and reflect on your school experiences. You’ll also continue to develop your leadership potential through learning sessions, workshops, networking events and running community challenges.

Work sectors

charities and voluntary work, teaching and education, social care


Birmingham, Greater Manchester, London

How to apply

We’re now accepting applications for immediate starters to join the academic year 2016/17

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