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Education and Training Foundation

Updated: July, 2019

About Education and Training Foundation

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) is the government-backed, sector-owned workforce and professional development body for the Further Education (FE) and Training sector. Our role is to support you in being an even better teacher, trainer, assessor or leader.

FE Advice is a service operated by the ETF, which provides information about becoming a teacher in the FE and Training sector, incentives for training, qualifications, the Society for Education and Training (SET), and what you need to know as a new entrant or an existing worker in this sector.

The FE and Training sector is probably the widest educational field in the UK. If something somewhere is practised, there is a high chance it is taught somewhere in FE. Importantly, the sector is far more than the hundreds of FE colleges throughout our country: the latest estimate of the number of people undertaking education and training in the sector is over four million.

FE Colleges

Often the most visible sign of the sector, the average college has thousands of students covering the spectrum of courses on offer. There are some 300+ colleges employing 100,000+ teaching staff, many of whom work part-time.

Work Based Learning (WBL)

Ensuring people are ready for work and have the latest skills is a permanent job. From apprenticeships to updating your IT skills, the scope is enormous. Many of those who work in the sector (over 20,000) undertake assessor and quality assurance roles to ensure the standards of the vocational qualifications being delivered.

Adult and Community Learning (ACL)

The ACL sector delivers a range of courses based in community and other venues up and down the country. Covering many subjects from maths and English and community languages, to computers for beginners, local history and much more, it is very diverse in terms of both offer, venue and student group. Much of this work is delivered part-time by more than 20,000 teachers.

Offender Learning

Data suggests a high level of basic skills deficits amongst those in prison and hence there is a drive to remedy this amongst the prisoners. Much of the work done in prisons is sub-contracted to large FE colleges who then provide dedicated staff.

Contact FE Advice to discover the benefits of working in further education and to find out about a rewarding career where learners can be inspired in an encouraging learning environment.

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