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Royal Society of Chemistry

Updated: April, 2019

About Royal Society of Chemistry

The Royal Society of Chemistry is the UK’s largest non-governmental funder of chemistry education. And, as a leading chemistry community, is committed to advancing excellence in the chemical sciences because of its belief in the fundamental importance of chemistry for life, society and the world.

The Royal Society of Chemistry invests in educating future generations of scientists – for the benefit of science and humanity – by providing advice, resources and practical support to learners and educators in schools, colleges,and universities around the world.

We believe that all children have the right to world-class chemistry education

If you’re passionate about chemistry and inspiring the next generation then we would love to help you on your way to becoming an inspirational chemistry teacher. One way that we are doing that is awarding £28,000 tax-free funding to talented individuals entering chemistry teacher training in England.

Teaching is an exciting, challenging and hugely rewarding career. No two days will ever be the same, but every day you’ll be sharing your passion for science and making a real difference to children and young people. It won’t always be easy, your patience and determination will both be tested, but if you become one of our scholars then we will support you through your training and beyond, with a range of fantastic benefits, as you grow into the excellent teacher we think you can become.

As well as £28,000 tax-free funding, Royal Society of Chemistry Scholars get a specialised support package, designed to help them during the ITT course.

The package includes:

  • Free classroom materials including books, posters and a lab coat
  • Mentoring by an expert chemistry teacher
  • Chemistry specific training meetings with other scholars
  • Free online courses on key concepts in teaching chemistry, and
  • Membership of the Royal Society of Chemistry for two years

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