Graduate Market Trends debunks recruitment myths

November, 2016

The autumn edition of Prospects Graduate Market Trends (GMT) journal published today (10 November 2016) addresses two common misconceptions that are deterring young people from university

New analysis by Charlie Ball, head of higher education intelligence at Prospects, sheds light on whether the UK has too many graduates to meet business demand and if the majority of people go to university.

'Misconceptions about the fundamental characteristics of the graduate labour market are common during stable periods, so it shouldn't be a surprise that they are proliferating in the murky uncertainty of the post-referendum economy. I've examined some of the key myths that circulate in media and civil discussion about graduates and the graduate labour market,' explains Charlie.

In the latest edition of Prospects' quarterly journal, Charlie also gives an exclusive preview of research undertaken by university careers practitioners as a result of the Higher Education Careers Services Unit research funding programme.

There is also insight from Grovelands, which shares its latest survey on how recruiters view first time graduates entering the labour market. And AGCAS's new Executive Director, Elaine Boyes, discusses the ever increasing importance of careers services.

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