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About The American University of Paris

The American University of Paris is an urban, independent, international university located at the meeting point of France, Europe, and the world. AUP students are those that choose to live and learn internationally. They bring to the classroom their diverse cultural backgrounds, languages and perspectives, and the sense of adventure to become part of a global learning community outside of their own nationality and experience. In this multi-cultural context, AUP provides you with a strong academic foundation that supports critical thinking and practical application, and enables you to analyze, adapt, and thrive in any environment.

In an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, where everything from borders and political alignments to markets and product lines are shifting, AUP’s innovative graduate programs provide you with the international platform you’ll need to uncover new academic and career opportunities, while gaining crucial intellectual and professional skills. As institutions in all spheres adapt to the exciting changes of the present and the future, they will need, more than ever, culturally savvy problem solvers, communicators, and innovators. That’s where you come in.

In addition, AUP offers you a unique mix of analytic methodology and practical experience. Its low student-teacher ratio and its highly individualized support for students makes it the ideal home for an energetic community of scholars and students in the heart of Paris and allows it to offer a wide range of opportunities for internships and study-trips; as well as eventual membership in its dynamic alumni network.


Ten exceptional Masters degrees in four core fields

AUP offers ten innovative graduate programs in four core fields that draw on our faculty’s expertise in business, communications, marketing, fashion, law, government, history, and cultural and language studies to provide you with a hands-on education.

Within its four core disciplines, AUP offers four kinds of Master degrees:

  • 38-credit coursework Masters take 2.5 semesters, transmit essential analytic skills, and act as launch-pads for further study or a career.
  • 40-credit & 48-credit coursework and Research Masters take three semesters, develop a full range of perspectives, and act as incubators for vocation-driven careers.
  • 62-credit Research Masters take four semesters, enabling students to acquire a twin discipline or language and build a serious research profile.

Choose from:

Coursework Masters (38 credits)

  • Master of Arts in International Affairs

Coursework and Research Masters (40 credits)

  • MSc in International Management
  • MSc in International Management (Sustainability Systems Track)
  • MSc in International Management (NGO and Mission Based Management Track)

Coursework and Research Masters (48 credits)

  • MA in Diplomacy and International Law
  • MA in Global Communications
  • MA in Global Communications (Development Communications track)
  • MA in Global Communications (Fashion track)
  • MA in Global Communications (Digital Cultures and Industries track)

Research Masters (62 credits)

  • MA in International Affairs, Conflict Resolution & Civil Society Development

As someone who has experienced a transnational lifestyle, it's not always easy to find people who have shared the same experiences. At AUP, most of my classmates have similar backgrounds and share a common understanding.

Ruby Veridiano Student experience

The Classroom Experience

Imagine a classroom small enough that the professor knows your name, your goals and aspirations, and probably even your favorite movie. Imagine a classroom diverse enough that almost every student comes from a different national, cultural, or economic background, is happy to share his or her unique heritage, and is curious to learn about yours. That classroom is The American University of Paris.
Urban Campus

AUP has an urban campus that extends from its home in the 7th arrondissement to the city’s bookstores, cafés, libraries, and galleries. We challenge you to engage in deeper academic and cultural learning sharpened by discussion, analysis, and research at over 200 institutions across the city, including the Louvre, UNESCO, Palais de Tokyo, the Sorbonne, L’institut Francaise de la Mode, Ecole Militaire, and more.

Cultural Study Trips

You can engage directly with the histories, perspectives, and contemporary realities of cultures around the world on study trips led by faculty experts. Ranging from single-day to month-long expeditions, every program includes learning linked to international discovery – from first-hand experience with human rights law in the courts of Sarajevo and Belgrade to immersion in the Moroccan business center of Fez.

Successful Career Paths

AUP students and alumni are distinguished within the global labor market by their cross-cultural outlook, multilingual skill set, and excellent problem solving abilities.

When you graduate from AUP, you join an active community of 19,000 alumni in 142 countries around the world. Their willingness to share their knowledge and connections is matched only by their ongoing curiosity about and engagement in the world around us. If you’re interested in an international career in business, the arts, or government, AUP’s graduate programs provide an excellent foundation.

Graduates find a wealth of opportunities and are well-equipped to pursue careers in almost any sector ranging from corporations, non-governmental organizations, startups, nonprofits, broadcasting, and social entrepreneurships.
Bold graduates have pursued careers within a myriad of companies and organizations and have been placed in the following positions:

  • Adidas AG: Sustainability Program Manager
  • Dopper USA in San Francisco: Head of Business Development and Sustainability
  • United Nations: Communications Officer, Editorial Unit
  • Young & Rubicam Group: Account Manager
  • Human Rights Watch: Development Operations Coordinator, Europe, MENA & East Asia
  • UNESCO: Project Manager
  • Deloitte: Senior Consultant
  • The World Bank: Legal Extern, IFC Division of Women and Business and the Law


AUP accepts applications year-round for both fall and spring admission. We review completed applications in “rounds” throughout the year. We encourage you to apply early: priority for admission and scholarships is given in earlier rounds. A successful application to The American University of Paris requires several supporting documents.


  • Tuition for 38 credit programs: € 32,370
  • Tuition for 40 credit programs: €33,990
  • Tuition for 48 credit programs: €40,470
  • Tuition for 62 credit programs: €52,690

Financial Aid

The primary source of financial awards for graduate students is tuition awards. These awards are both merit and need based and can cover up to 50 percent of your tuition. To be considered for a tuition awards, you must apply for a financial award. American citizens and permanent U.S. residents must also file the FAFSA. If you receive a tuition award, you need to keep a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 to maintain the award in your time at the University.

It’s the balanced combination of diversity and quality instruction that ultimately makes an AUP education so meaningful

Lindsey Traumuta MA in Global Communications Alumna ’09 value of degree

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