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2016/17 edition

About BITS University of Business Leadership

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Welcome to BiTS

Grow personally. Lead successfully: BiTS is where ambitions are complemented with an established approach. Our purpose it to train the next generation of leaders for the requirements of a globalized and digitalized business environment. We believe that a successful career goes hand in hand with a well-rounded personal development. As a private, state-accredited university of applied sciences BiTS offers integral degree courses in management, business psychology, law, media and finance on its campuses in Berlin, Hamburg and Iserlohn.

Private and state-accredited: The “Business and Information Technology School” BiTS offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in business, media, and psychology. Its nickname “entrepreneurial university” communicates our teaching approach: practical, international, and focused on success. BiTS also offers a family-like environment in which you can study.

The BiTS difference

The most important thing about BiTS is its personal learning atmosphere: We believe in the importance of small study groups and of close interaction between students, faculty, and staff. A lack of bureaucracy, an open-door policy, and a personal approach are what set us apart.

And that’s not just our opinion. We’ve received positive feedback both from both students and businesses. The statistics are also in our favour: The percentage of graduates who enter employment soon after graduating from BiTS is above average.

At BiTS, we offer bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, both full-time and part-time while in employment. Two guiding principles apply to all programs: practical learning and thinking along international lines.


Bachelor Degree Programs

Business & Management Studies (B.Sc.)

Master Degree Programs

Corporate Management (M.Sc.)

Entrepreneurial Economics (M.Sc.)

International Sport & Event Management (M.A.)

Dual Degree Programs

Sport & Event Management dual (B.Sc.) at ALBA BERLIN College

Practical learning

In addition to well-known scientists, many famous personalities from a variety of industries teach at BiTS. The university has close ties with business, and a lively exchange of information takes place. One priority is to incorporate as many of the requirements of the job into your studies as soon as possible. Our active exchange also gives you the opportunity to observe how successful people do business.

Thinking along international lines

The global nature of firms today is integrated into instruction at BiTS: Most programs of study include a compulsory semester or stay abroad. BiTS is a member of the largest network of private universities in the world: Laureate Universities Network. Furthermore, we have close links with other universities abroad in Europe, the USA, Asia, and Australia. These periods of study take place in collaboration with one of our many partner institutions in this network. The BiTS International Office organizes these periods of study. Other pillars of intercultural exchange are the Summer School and the national projects, as well as the multitude of international students at all BiTS campuses.


New upgraded BiTS campus in the heart of Berlin

The BiTS campus lies at the heart of the multicultural metropolis. Before the start of the winter semester 2016 BiTS is moving to a new campus with upgraded facilities close to Potsdamer Platz. This campus will be more than just a university site. It will be a place for creative and innovative learning, where students and lecturers from various faculties and over 50 nationalities gather and exchange ideas for their mutual enrichment. Advanced digital equipment and facilities like a founder’s garage, radio studio, big terrace, cafeteria, library and a big Audimax (lecture hall) will enable students to practice relevant skills for their future professional career.

BiTS Berlin: Campus in the heart of Europe

  • Good contacts with the business, media, and sporting (business) worlds of Berlin
  • Compact campus with library, PC pool, lounge, and cafeteria
  • Well-equipped with projectors and Wi-Fi in all rooms
  • Guest lectures, excursions, and practical projects are an essential component of instruction
  • Specialization in Soccer Management (available only to Sport & Event Management students)
  • Official cooperating partner of Alba Berlin Basketball and the BR Volleys


International city between Moscow and Paris
Berlin is not only the capital but, without question, also the creative center of Germany. The city’s appeal extends far beyond Europe: Berlin attracts attention worldwide, be it for its cultural life, its politics, business, or sport. Creative minds, start-ups, founders, and entrepreneurs are drawn to this city: Its geographical location and international flair make the city a hub for markets in Eastern Europe and beyond. Exciting projects are afoot – for example, Berlin is competing to host the Olympic Games in 2024, and the application process is currently under way.

Learning in a central location

Once you leave campus, you step into the fast-paced, creative and big city lifestyle with any number of cafés, bars, restaurants, museums, and historical sites all virtually within walking distance. Also, the headquarters of many large international companies are in the immediate vicinity, such as the Axel Springer media group. The nearest shopping mall is just a few streets away. All corners of Berlin are easily accessible via the excellent public transportation network. Representatives of the worlds of business, media and Berlin sports readily and frequently visit BiTS. Last semester, for example, Udo Röbel visited the BiTS students in Berlin. The former editor-in-chief of the BILD newspaper gave a guest lecture and afterwards told some inside stories in a Q&A session.

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