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IESA – Art & Culture School

2016/17 edition

About IESA – Art & Culture School

Worldwide reputation

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Officially recognised by the Ministry of Culture and the French state (level 1), since 1998, IESA offers a unique combination of academic knowledge and professional skills, which students can put into practice in jobs in France and abroad.

Since 1985, IESA has carefully monitored the changing needs of the cultural job market. Anticipating new developments in cultural careers and taking its students’ objectives into consideration, we have always strived to offer personalised, state-recognised degree programmes that will help students make a smooth transition to the job market and find a rewarding career in the cultural sector.

PG subjects available

IESA – Art & Culture School in Paris offers students the following one-year professional MBA programmes in English in Paris, validated by the French state. These programmes are designed for students interested in developing professional skills in contemporary art, luxury, arts management, cultural industries, performing arts, and cultural entrepreneurship and tourism.

Experts in these sectors teach on these programmes and allow students with attractive networking possibilities. Each programme also includes an internship and a professional project:

  • MBA in Arts and Cultural Management
  • MBA in Contemporary Art: Sales, Display and Collecting
  • MBA in Art & Luxury Management: The French Touch
  • MBA program in Cultural Entrepreneurship and Tourism

Future career prospects

Students have gone on to work in many different fields such as:

Museum Manager, Auctioneer, Antique Dealer, Art Expert, Gallery Manager, Contemporary Art Advisor, Art Dealer, Artist Agent, Art Finance Expert, Cultural Heritage Manager, Exhibition Curator, Cultural Tourism Advisor, Performing Arts Event Coordinator, Artistic Director, Cultural Institution Manager, Theater Producer, Festival Coordinator, Event Producer, Tour operators, Touristic site-manager, Public relations manager, Sustainable Development Manager, Tourist programme manager

English language support

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IELTS: 6.0

Facilities and support arrangements

Situated in the heart of Paris, between the Louvre, the Comédie-Française and the Opéra Garnier, IESA is ideally located to provide specialised, hands-on instruction in Cultural Events Management and the Art Market.

Through its international partnerships with leading universities and cultural institutions, IESA welcomes over 100 foreign students each year into both its French-language programmes and its English-language MA and MBA programmes.

IESA has chosen to base its headquarters in the “cultural center” of Paris, and this gives our programmes a unique educational advantage. Students can attend classes and lectures in museums and historical sites, and their education is enriched by their proximity to major artworks and cultural events.

Fees, funding and costs


  • MBA in Arts and Cultural Management: 18,000€
  • MBA in Contemporary Art: Sales, Display & Collecting: 11,500€
  • MBA in Art & Luxury Management: The French touch: 11,500€
  • MBA in Cultural Entrepreneurship and tourism: 11,500€
  • MA in History and Business of the Contemporary Art Market: 10,500 €/year
  • MA in History and Business of Art and collecting: 10,500 €/year

Personal financing options:

To help you achieve your educational goals, IESA offers various financing options. Our advisers are available to help you find the best solution. Several installments are possible before the start of term.

Partnerships with financial institutions

Most financial institutions offer special low interest rates to help young students finance their education. IESA will help you in providing all documents you may need.


These scholarships are based on student’s merit only. Please contact us for additional information and application procedure.

IESA is happy to have as partner the French Consulate in Hong Kong, who offers several scholarships to Hongkongese students.

IESA is happy to help students in providing all documents needed for external scholarships (details of the programme, admission certificates.

For these, please contact your admission officer.

Several scholarships in France are available for foreign students, such as the “Ile de France” scholarship, the programme Charcot, the programme Eiffel, the” Ministère de l’Education Nationale” scholarship, the “Agence universitaire de la francophonie” scholarship.

Check also the French Embassy website and scholarships available in your home country.


Study trips: Discover the world’s cultural heritage with IESA

As part of their programmes of study, IESA students spend a week each year discovering the cultural heritage of Europe. These mandatory study trips expand their knowledge of international heritage by exploring artistic and historic cities. IESA also organises optional study trips throughout the year to give students an opportunity to experience heritage and culture firsthand.

Students in the MA programme in the History and Business of the Contemporary Art Market, or the MBA in Artistic and Cultural Event Management, take an autumn tour of the contemporary art galleries of Berlin and Amsterdam (with an additional stopover in Venice for the Biennale every other year).

Optional trips

Other trips give students the opportunity to meet with professionals — gallery owners, artists and curators, among others – to deepen their knowledge and take a first step into the professional world.

In October, we visit London and its famous Frieze Art Fair, where galleries from around the world come to exhibit their artworks.

This spring, Asian culture was in the spotlight, with a trip to China.

In March and during Dubai Art Fair, IESA students have the opportunity to go to the Middle East and travel together to Doha, Abu Dhabi, and Doha…


As IESA does not have a hall of residence, students generally live in various parts of the city, in Independent Rooms or with French families or landlords or in a student residence. The school does however offer assistance by providing information and referring students to services, associations and websites. Below you will find useful links to help in finding student accommodations:

Paid- Student Housing Assistance Package
(Optional) (approx. 490€, information provided during orientation)

Student Housing Assistant Pack is available upon request for a fee of approx. 490€ through an association (Information on how you can request the Housing Assistance Pack will be provided during the orientation period)

Students also have several flat options in and outside Paris starting 350e/ month up to 1000e.

No need to find someone to act as a financial backer as is the case for most students, only a one-month security deposit.

Assistance in getting your electrical & telephone line hooked up…

Free Student Housing Assistance


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Student Immigration Checklist

  • All students who are non-European Union Nationals must have a valid long-term student visa to be enrolled at IESA
  • Long-term student visa bearers must apply for a residency card (Titre de Séjour) to regularise their resident status in France.
  • European students do not have to apply for a “Titre de Séjour” but a copy of their passport or ID will be required by the Immigration Office to update their records.
  • The Immigration Office keeps records of residency cards, passports, visas, and birth certificates. Students must be in touch with the Immigration Office to make sure their records are updated

Upon your arrival: Student life in Paris

Why Paris?

For as long as we can recall, Paris has always been a place that makes us dream and it is not surprising:

Gastronomy: Home of champagne, fine wine and the Michelin star system, this gastronomic paradise contains as many variations of cheese as there are days in a year.

Luxury: The world of high fashion revolves around this city full of luxury boutiques, fashion shows, perfume shops and fine jeweler…

Art & Culture: How many cities can boast as having as many museums, art galleries, theatres and music halls? The Louvre and Orsay museum alone bring hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

* N.B. museum cards will be provided for students for most of the major museums (Louvre, Orsay, Pompidou, Palais de Tokyo, Museum of Decorative Arts…) as included in your student fees.

Location: in the heart of Europe it is the 3rd most popular destination for foreign students where excursions to other European cities can easily be organised.

Night Life & Romance: No other city in the world can say it has been the setting of as many films as the city of lights.

Estimated Expenses

  • Lodging: 500€ to 1400€
  • Meals: 350€ to 435€
  • Monthly Metro: 60.40€ Zone 1-2
  • Miscellaneous: 250€

* N.B. museum cards will be provided for students for most of the major museums (Louvre, Orsay, Pompidou, Palais de Tokyo, Museum of Decorative Arts…) as included in your student fee.

How to apply

If you are thinking of applying to our school, you should download the application form and send us the following documentation by email that you will find on the application form:

  • The Application Form
  • A CV or professional resume
  • Cover letter of circa 2,000 words to explain motivation and professional goals
  • Official transcripts of studies
  • Copies of diplomas
  • Two letters of recommendation (academic or professional)
  • Official score of a standardised English exam (TOEFL, IETLS) for those individuals who are not native English speakers
  • Four ID pictures
  • Photocopy of valid passport or identity card
  • Application Fee of 90€

When to apply?

We accept students onto a rolling basis however we strongly encourage applicants to contact us as soon as they can as we limit our class number to 25 students maximum. Applications are considered until June 1st. Late applications may be accepted.

Application process:

Applicants will receive a call from our admissions office to answer all their questions and help them with the application process.

Once the application is reviewed, eligible applicants will be invited to take an interview with our Academic Director. Interviews generally take place in person in Paris and London, or over the phone, or on Skype.

Applicants will receive a formal email communicating the decision taken by the Admissions Committee within 2 weeks of their interview. Successful candidates will receive a Registration Form.

Successful applicants should return the Registration Form with a 2,500 euros deposit to secure their place onto the MA. Until the payment has been received, there is no guarantee that a place will be held.

Contact details

5 avenue de l’opera
+33 1 55 28 88 85