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International School of Management Paris

2017/18 edition

About International School of Management Paris


The International School of Management (ISM), is one of the world’s most innovative executive education communities. From MBA to doctoral degrees, ISM faculty, students, and alumni come together from the four corners of the globe to facilitate knowledge sharing, learning, and networking in ways that produce professional value and life-enhancing results.

Based in New York and Paris, with seminar programs hosted in leading emerging markets, the school’s business experience and reputation for academic excellence empower individuals and enhance their ability to succeed in today’s multinational environment.

MBA Programme

The MBA programme provides an intensive learning environment where young and dynamic professionals are grounded in the vital disciplines of business management. It is a full-time, 18-month programme based in Paris, with a two-week summer session in New York City. MBA students can choose a generalist track, or have the option to specialise in Finance or Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

IEMBA Programme

The IEMBA programme is designed for those seeking to broaden their professional horizons and gain significant career advantages in today's competitive job market. The programme offers flexible options: e-learning, short seminars in Paris, and two-week sessions in New York, Shanghai, New Delhi, São Paulo, and Cape Town. IEMBA students can study part-time or full-time, and have the option of a generalist track, a specialisation in Finance, or a specialisation in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Tuition & Scholarship Options

The ISM MBA programme tuition fees are 26.460€. The IEMBA program tuition fees are 29.109€. Tuition fees include academic services in all cities of study. Any costs associated with transportation, housing, or other personal expenses are the sole responsibility of the candidate or sponsor.

ISM provides both need-based and merit-based scholarships to cover up to 30% of the tuition fees. These are awarded on a highly competitive basis to prospective candidates. We encourage those interested to complete the scholarship application and submit with your application package.

How to apply

Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis. Assessment is made on the basis of the application, including not only academic background and professional experience, but also the rationale for pursuing an ISM degree and how it fits with the applicant’s career plan. To begin the application process, please fill out an Academic Inquiry Form, and a member of our admissions department will contact you.

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