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Social media marketing: Social media marketing is one of the most highlighted developments of the last decade. The way we interact with others has changed drastically due to the increasing use of these social platforms. In this course, you will learn how to use these social media platforms for marketing a brand and attracting consumers. We will cover automated tools to run social campaigns and the use of AI and data science-based tools to monitor the behaviour of the targeted consumers.

Email marketing: Email is an effective way to communicate with the target audience. It is a cheaper way of delivering the marketing message. In this course, we will cover various email marketing techniques and tools. You will learn a legal way of list-building and improve the delivery of emails.

SEO (search engine optimization): This is one of the most important digital marketing techniques. We rely heavily on search engines like Google to find the relevant information which influences our purchase decisions. This course will learn various techniques to optimise your website to make it appear in relevant search results.

Conversion Optimization: Small changes in how you present your website or marketing materials can significantly influence the target customers to make a purchase decision.
In this course, you will learn various areas which you can target to optimise your campaign. You will learn how to identify these low-hanging opportunities to increase your revenue. We will focus on small to microelements like changing a field colour, adding a call-to-action button, etc., which will make more significant differences in converting a visitor into a customer.

Lead Enrichment: It’s easier to lose your leads than you think. Hence, it’s essential to reach out the interested visitors once they leave your website. In this course, we will explore various business intelligence tools that can help you understand your leads better and provide them with the critical information they need to make a purchase decision.

Landing Page and Lead Capture: Landing pages are essential to capture leads. In this course, you will learn how to build and optimise landing pages to make your visitors give their contact information. You will also learn about the legal way of capturing, storing and using data by exploring GDPR.

Graphic creation: Graphics are essential to attract consumers’ attractions. In this course, you will learn various forms of graphics like Infographics, Memes, Vector images, etc., which can be used in your digital marketing campaigns. You will also get introduced to some of the easy to make tools to build up these digital assets yourself.

Course Highlights

  • Hands-on Sessions

  • Project-based Learning

  • Live or Offline Capstone Project

  • Real world development experience

  • Industry Mentors

  • Interactive Teaching Methodologies

Evaluation Criteria

  • 18 Coding exercises

  • 5 Assignments

  • 5 Quizzes

  • Capstone Project

  • Group activities

  • Presentations

Learning Objectives

  • Planning integrated digital marketing campaigns

  • How to measure digital media effectiveness

  • Identify areas for improving performance

  • Targeting and persona development

  • Developing an online value proposition

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

  • Pay per click (PPC) marketing including Google Ads

  • Display advertising: formats, targeting and programmatic

  • Content Marketing: developing a content calendar

  • Partner marketing including affiliate marketing

  • Online advertising including ad networks and behavioural targeting

  • Email marketing including personalisation and automation

  • Website content and copy

  • Digital analytics: an introduction to Google Analytics

  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn

Assessment Criteria

To earn the certificate, students must clear all the assessments, quizzes, and project work. At a minimum, students are required to satisfy the pass criteria of the course. Students who score 75% or more will be awarded Merit Grade, while students with 85% or more will be awarded, Distinction Grade.

Following are the detailed criteria for each level

Pass Grade Criteria

Score a minimum of 50% aggregate and demonstrate the following;

  • Proficiency in the technical skills and techniques

  • Must have a minimum attendance of 90% in the classes unless proper medical proof is provided

  • Submit all the projects and assignments before the last submission date

  • Collaborate with peers in group projects

Merit Grade Criteria

Score a minimum of 75% aggregate and demonstrate the following;

  • Excellent technical skills and techniques

  • Discover and apply strategies to find the perfect solutions

  • Select/design and use appropriate methods/techniques

  • Present and communicate appropriate findings

Distinction Grade Criteria

Score a minimum 85% aggregate and demonstrate the following;

  • Mastery of technical skills and techniques

  • Use critical thinking for self-evaluation and justify valid conclusions

  • Take the responsibility the manage and organise activities and teams

  • Showcase convergent/lateral/creative thinking.

    Reasons to Choose LSET

    • Interactive live sessions by industry experts.
    • Practical classes with project-based learning with hands-on activities.
    • International learning platform to promote collaboration and teamwork.
    • Most up-to-date course curriculum based on current industry demand.
    • Gain access to various e-learning resources.
    • One-to-one attention to ensure maximum participation in the classes.
    • Lifetime career guidance to get the students employed in good companies.
    • Free lifetime membership to the LSET Alumni Club

    Complete Learning Experience

    This course provides a hands-on, guided learning experience to help you learn the fundamentals practically.

    • We constantly update the curriculum to include the latest releases and features.
    • We focus on teaching the industry's best practices and standards.
    • We let you explore the topics through guided hands-on sessions.
    • We provide industry professional mentor support to every student.
    • We give you an opportunity to work on real world examples.
    • Work with hands-on projects and assignments.
    • We help you build a technical portfolio that you can present to prospective employers.

    What Will Be Your Responsibilities?

    • Work creatively in a problem-solving environment.
    • Ask questions and participate in class discussions.
    • Work on assignments and quizzes promptly.
    • Read additional resources on the course topics and ask questions in class.
    • Actively participate in team projects and presentations.
    • Work with the career development department to prepare for interviews
    • Respond promptly to the instructors, student service officers, career development officers, etc.
    • And most importantly, have fun while learning at LSET.

    Benefits of LSET Certificate

    Earning the LSET Certificate means you have demonstrated hard-working capabilities and learnt the latest technologies by completing hands-on exercises and real-world projects.

    Following are some of the traits employers can trust you have built up through your course;

    • You know how to work in a team environment and communicate well.
    • You know the tools which are necessary for your desired job.
    • You know how to use the latest technologies to develop technologically advanced solutions.
    • You have developed problem-solving skills to navigate complex problem scenarios and find the right solutions.
    • You are now ready to take on the challenge and help your prospective employer to build the desired solutions.

Months of entry


Course content

Are you looking to make a lucrative career in Digital Marketing? If so, LSET’s Digital Marketing course will equip you with the knowledge and practical skills to develop, manage, and lead digital marketing activities. After completing this course, you can start your own Digital Marketing agency or work for a multinational. Are you ready to leap in your career today?

Apply now to become a professional Digital Marketing Expert.

Option 1

  1. Topic: Digital Marketing
  2. Duration: 3 Months

Option 2

  1. Topic: Digital Marketing
  2. Add-On:Project
  3. Duration: 5 Months

Option 3

  1. Topic: Digital Marketing
  2. Add-On: Project &Industrial Training and Paid Internship Program
  3. Duration: 12 Months

Note: Our Industrial Training and Internship program includes a guaranteed 6 months paid internship (from 10 hours to 40 hours per week) with a technology company. Due to visa restrictions, some international students may not be able to participate in this program.


The Job Guarantee program is available only to candidates who enrol in Option 3 (Project and Industrial Training and Paid Internship Program). It is important to note, however, that the Job Guarantee program has its own selection criteria, so not everyone may be considered for the program. To learn more about the Job Guarantee program, please visit Job Guaranteed Software Courses

Today’s businesses are relying on their online presence to survive and succeed. It has become a norm to have an online presence that has shifted the focus from traditional marketing to the digital landscape. Hence, companies are now looking for skilled individuals with digital marketing know-how who can help them to conquer this online world. LSET’s Digital Marketing Course will help you develop the required skills to design, develop, and execute effective digital marketing campaigns. We focus on practice-based learning and provide our students with the opportunity to manage live campaigns. This gives you hands-on practical experience and teaches you various strategies to drive online marketing campaigns effectively.

This course will help you understand the current issues in running digital campaigns and train you to overcome those by developing creative concepts. We introduce you to the latest trends and teach you to use audio-visual techniques to present the ideas effectively.

The LSET Digital Marketing Course covers the latest technologies to build a solid online presence. It also teaches industry best practices and takes the students through the latest case studies to understand the factors that can make or break their campaigns.
The course covers all the key digital platforms like Google Business, Bing Business, Online Directories, Video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, Social media channels, etc. It also covers SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Website Optimisation, Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising and Email Marketing.

Information for international students

The London School of Emerging Technology has two levels of fee structures, one for home students and another one for international students who are enrolling in our certificate and advanced certificate courses. The fee for all the courses at LSET is the same until it is exclusively mentioned on the course page.

In addition to onsite classes, the LSET also offers online courses. Tuition fees for online courses are lower than those for onsite courses. If you are a home student, you may pay your tuition fees in equal instalments. Nevertheless, home students are required to make payment two weeks prior to the start of the course and international students within ten days of the receipt of a conditional offer letter. Upon payment of the fee, an unconditional letter of offer will be issued to you. Please note that all fees must be paid in pounds sterling.

Information for applicants from the EU, EEA and Switzerland

A new set of regulations and guidance has been published by the UK Council for International Student Affairs on 11 May 2021 regarding the assessment of fee status for international students. The fee status assessments will be conducted in accordance with this guidance.

In the event that you are an EU national and do not reside in the United Kingdom, you may be subject to overseas fees. Students with settled and pre-settled status in the UK and some other categories of students who work in the UK can qualify for Home fee status as long as they meet the residence criteria.

Fees and funding

UK students
International students

Qualification, course duration and attendance options

  • After School
    part time
    5 months months
    • Campus-based learningis available for this qualification
    full time
    3 months months
    • Campus-based learningis available for this qualification
    12 months months
    • Campus-based learningis available for this qualification

  • You don't need any previous knowledge to start this course. All you need is a computer that can run modern web browsers, an internet connection, and a willingness to learn.

  • Basic Understanding of English

  • Basic Proficiency with Computers

  • Ability to work in Group

Course contact details

London School of Emerging Technology
+44 (0) 20 3369 9909