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2021/22 edition

About Newcastle University

Newcastle University is ranked one of the best in the UK for teaching and learning. We are also a world-leader in academic excellence and original research.

Teaching Excellence

Maria completed a BA in Communications and Film Studies in Uruguay before working as a marketing assistant for three years and realising that marketing was a career that she would really enjoy. She decided to do a Master’s in the subject.

“Among my favourite modules were International Communications Management and Principles of Marketing because they were areas that I wanted to know more about. The lecturers were really good at explaining the subject and they catered for everyone, from people like me who needed the basics to people that I knew were from backgrounds with more experience.”

Research Excellence

Hayley Moore, a PhD student at Newcastle University’s EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Cloud Computing for Big Data, spent four months gleaning insights from 200,000 calls made to the service at the end of 2018. The results of her study are now being assessed before the next steps are taken, which could include an algorithm to help call handlers decide how to respond to incidents.

Hayley, 25, says: “At the University I study enormous amounts of data, so I didn’t realise their data set felt so big to the ambulance service. But I was talking to one of the directors one day and told him I was looking at 200,000 calls and he said, ‘this is huge, we’ve never done anything with that amount of data before.”

Outstanding Careers Support

Our students and graduates have launched thriving businesses, thanks to the support available from Newcastle University.

Start up helps current students and recent graduates (up to three years) who want to work either as an independent professional without employees, or start a company with employees.

Castore, which is currently enjoying 100% year-on-year growth, was awarded one of the university’s Start up Founderships.

Since they were introduced in 2014, 28 businesses, operating in a range of industry sectors, have been awarded Founderships. They have created close to 100 jobs and have a turnover of more than £11.1m.

Scottish ace Sir Andy, a three-time Grand Slam tournament victor and two-time Olympic champion, will not only don Castore's premium men's sportswear – he will also be on the board and is a shareholder in the business.

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