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Radboud University

2023/24 edition

About Radboud University

What Radboud offers

Radboud offers a range of student benefits in education, access and amenities:

  • A wide variety of English-taught Master’s programmes, with a multidisciplinary approach and flexibility;
  • Individual support in helping students achieve their academic goals;
  • Access to world-class research facilities and staff;
  • Student amenities such as the Radboud Sports Centre, as well as restaurants and cafés;
  • Career services, and a world-wide network to improve your internship or job search.

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Welcome to Radboud University

Located in Nijmegen in the the Netherlands, Radboud University is an international university founded in 1923 with a strong tradition of quality education and world-class research. The university recognizes the importance of having an international classroom and therefore offers more than 35 English-taught Master’s degree programmes in eleven disciplines- and growing every year.

Our programmes range from history to neuroscience, international law to particle physics, and everything in-between. With such a variety of different academic and cultural perspectives, we encourage students and researchers to reach across disciplinary lines and work with colleagues from different departments.

Our international outlook also attracts researchers from around the world. As a student at Radboud, you will work next to lecturers and researchers in a field that you are passionate about. You will also gain the skills and knowledge to be successful after graduation, as well as access to an international network to help your career prospects.

Academic and Research Programmes

At Radboud, we want to give students the freedom to choose their own path. We do this through offering flexible Master’s programmes that allow students to draw from many different disciplines. While students are afforded this flexibility and freedom, close personal guidance is also a priority of ours. Staff and researchers work closely with students to ensure that knowledge and skills are passed on and that experience is shared.

Furthermore, many of our programmes collaborate with world-class research institutes that call the Radboud Campus home. Students can draw on these resources to create and conduct their own research projects.


Students at Radboud benefit from a wide range of facilities on campus- academic or otherwise. The sprawling, green campus hosts six library facilities with excellent academic resources and spaces for study or relaxation.

As a student you will find a wealth of state-of-the-art technologies to conduct research and analyse data within our institutes. These research facilities are as diverse as our study programmes, whether you’re interested in studying how the brain processes language, tracing the lifecycle stages of malarial mosquitos, or capturing the first images of a black hole.

In addition to academic facilities, we also host the Radboud Sports Centre, so you can focus on the body as well as the mind. The sports centre has exercise facilities, fitness classes, and a number of sports club teams. With over 80 sports on offer, it is rated best in Europe by our students. Our students also enjoy the variety of cafés and restaurants on campus, offering snacks, gourmet meals, or a place to gather for a drink after classes.

Career prospects
Radboud graduates have excellent career prospects. This owes not only to the quality of education that students receive, but also thanks to the networks that students can create while working on their degree. Most programmes involve an internship, meaning that students receive valuable work experience while studying in addition to receiving support from the Radboud Career Centre.

As a graduate, you will benefit from an international degree and leave Radboud with critical skills and practical insights to take into the wider world.

Fees and Scholarships
Radboud University and the Dutch government offer plenty of scholarship opportunities for many different student profiles.

A full list of fees and scholarship opportunities can be found on our website.

Student life

There are many options for students to join student groups or clubs for a variety of different interests. These clubs often put on events for members and non-members. You can browse a full list on our website to see which ones may be right for you.

Radboud is located in the Dutch city of Nijmegen. Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands and offers students plenty of social and cultural events. Situated close to the German border, you will be close to nature, but can take advantage of the great transportation networks in the region to explore Amsterdam (1,5 hours by train) or other beautiful Dutch cities, or places further afield.

Of course, what conversation regarding the Dutch would be complete without talking about bicycles? As a student in Nijmegen you can easily get around the city by bike, saving you money and is good for the environment.