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2024/25 edition

About Scotland’s Rural College

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Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) prides itself on developing its students and staff to lead the way. Through postgraduate study, students deepen their knowledge in their chosen area, giving them a distinct advantage over their industry peers.

It is our mission to create and mobilise knowledge and talent, to partner locally and globally to benefit Scotland’s natural economy.

Education, research, and consultancy (through SAC Consulting) at SRUC grows the natural economy. A natural economy fuelled by responsible use of the world's natural resources: people, land, energy, water, animals and plants.

By working in partnership, we focus on solving the challenges our planet faces, including climate change, biodiversity and access to nutritious food and clean water.

Postgraduate Subject Areas

Subjects at postgraduate level include:

  • Agriculture
  • Animal and Biological Sciences
  • Animal Care
  • Business
  • Environment, Conservation and Sustainability
  • Food

Pathways to study

Working or managing a busy family life while learning can be a careful balancing act. At SRUC we understand that not everyone lives close to our campuses or can attend class at specific times of day. No matter, we'll give you all the freedom you need to get where you want to be.

Most of SRUC’s Postgraduate programmes are delivered part-time via Online Distance Learning. Online classes and assessments allow you to continue to work wherever you are without having to move house or commuting. The part-time structure breaks the Masters down into three distinct years which all have a qualification at the end.

Students who successfully complete Year 1 are awarded a Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert), those who progress and successfully complete Year 2 receive a Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip), and the full Masters (MSc) is awarded after Year 3.

SRUC also offers a number of taught Postgraduate courses which you can study full-time, and Master of Research (MRes) programmes where you are supervised to undertake a research project in order to complete your Masters qualification.

We work closely in partnership with the University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow to deliver a wide-ranging postgraduate course portfolio with the academic accuracy and industry relevance to develop your knowledge, preparing you for the next step in your career or studies.

Careers and employability

Your SRUC careers service doesn’t stop when you graduate. As a valued member of the alumni community, we offer you a continued careers advisory programme with one-to-one advice and guidance on career planning, CVs, cover letters, applications, interview techniques, job searches and skills.

The variety of courses available at SRUC open an endless number of doors to our students. From working for renowned companies worldwide to starting your own business, the options are limitless!

Our courses very much have industry in mind and provide an excellent balance of theoretical and practical study to help you learn skills and strengths which will prepare you for your own, unique future.

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