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The College of Legal Practice

2024/25 edition

About The College of Legal Practice

The College of Legal Practice is a UK-based postgraduate provider of professional legal education, specialising in the SQE. All courses are fully online, highly flexible and offer excellent value for money.

The College’s goals are to help remove barriers to entry to the legal profession and provide the highest quality of practical legal education. Every student receives live individual supervision, supported by a ground-breaking learning portal. Unlike traditional one-size-fits all solutions, we design courses to meet the specific circumstances and unique aspirations of learners, with each one grounded in real-world, practice scenarios.

Established in December 2018, The College of Legal Practice was set up by The College of Law in Australia as a wholly owned UK subsidiary. As such, only The College of Legal Practice has decades of remote, online training expertise.

We can offer you high quality postgraduate law school level teaching demonstrated through our New Degree Awarding Powers, regulated by the Office for Students.

Programmes available

SQE Preparation Courses
The College is offering full-time and part-time preparation courses for the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE). Our SQE1 preparation course costs £1,800 and our SQE2 preparation course costs £2,300.

LLM in Legal Practice
The College’s LLM in Legal Practice incorporates SQE1 and SQE2 preparation courses and costs £6.900. The LLM in Legal Practice can be taken full-time or part-time and is eligible for Masters Loan Funding. The Masters Loan, available for students in England, can fund both your studies and the cost of the SRA’s SQE exams.

Graduate Dploma in Law Programme
We have specifically designed this programme to support non-law graduates who are looking to convert to law and wish to study for the SQE route to qualification. It is a 20-week programme that costs £3,250. More details can be found here.


All our courses are fully online

Support and benefits

The College prides itself in offering personalised support and some of the highest levels of individual supervision available on the market. We also offer comprehensive packages of student benefits and wellbeing resources, including free counselling

The service I received from the Student Services team was excellent and heavily influenced my decision to study for the SQE with The College of Legal Practice. They were very responsive, and took the time to understand my individual circumstances and to find out answers to my queries. This approach has given me every confidence that within the prep course, my individual progress in learning will matter to them.

Lydia Nassima Marref, LLM Student, The College of Legal Practice

How to apply

The LLM in Legal Practice and SQE Preparation Courses run several times a year, and you can find more details on our website.

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