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About The University of West Alabama

Graduate programme subjects

Psychology: General, clinical, and sports and health
Business: MBA’s, general business and finance
Biology: Biology and Conservation Biology (future)
Education: General, student affairs in higher education, counselling and psychology, guidance and counselling, school counselling, family counselling, library media, instructional leadership, and education specialist programmes

What we do

We offer the attention and personalised treatment usually provided by private universities, but at the value of a very affordable public school price. Receive your graduate education in psychology, business, biology, and education, and gain the skills necessary to make you competitive in the global market. These programmes are offered on campus and online.

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Innovation and Expertise

  • We are an innovative program offering on campus and online programme experiences
  • These programmes are modeling the top programmes in the world
  • These programmes will assist students who want the necessary skills to enhance their education, move on to their PhD, or enter the workforce.

Opportunities available

The Graduate Programmes at UWA offer wonderful opportunities for state-of-the-art research training, hands-on practical training, and fantastic opportunities for internship placements.

College and Department information

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English Language Support

  • The University of West Alabama has TESOL support opportunities
  • A score report from TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language), IELTS (International English Language Testing system). Other tests may be accepted. Contact the Office of International Programmes Office for more details.
  • A student must earn a minimum: TOEFL score (UWA code 1737) of at least 500 on the paper-based test, 173 on the computer-based test, or 61 on the internet-based test. -IELTS score (UWA code 001024) required is a 5.0 overall with no score less than a 5.0 on any section of the test module.This requirement will not be waived.

International Student Support

Fees and costs

  • Approximately $12,000 per semester for all costs for on campus students.
  • Online: $429 per credit hour plus fees. Study from the luxury of your preferred locations.
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Where we are

UWA is a public university located in the south-eastern United States. Our beautiful rural campus is located within travelling distance of New Orleans, LA, Memphis, TN, Nashville, TN, Atlanta, GA, and the Gulf Coast beaches.



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UWA is a large campus with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities across our campus


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