Case study

Henry Glover — Site operations manager


Henry graduated from Harper Adams University having studied Agriculture with Animal Science before completing the Dunbia Brighter Futures Graduate Programme

Please tell us how you came to choose Dunbia after university

I knew that I wanted to develop a career in the agri-food industry and a role within operations on the Dunbia graduate programme appealed to me because it offered an in-depth experience of different departments onsite.

Could you tell us a bit more about the graduate programme?

The Brighter Futures Graduate Programme allows graduates to experience a huge range of departments across our various sites. It is a very fast paced and hands-on type of learning which allows you to see and understand the different processes. This means that you get an understanding of the ‘big picture’ for the site and business as a whole.

What have you been involved in within the operations department?

Whatever I would be doing I would be constantly exposed to different areas and the people in those areas, be it learning a job on the production line or assisting the site manager in preparing for an audit.

My main focus is to ensure our products consistently meet our customers’ specifications whilst maintaining strong yields, quality and high animal welfare.

What have been your highlights?

The highlight of the graduate programme has been that it gives you the tools to be able to progress as far as you want to. It allowed me to quickly gain responsibility, learning key management skills alongside the technicalities of the processes involved on site. I became an abattoir manager early in my career and have recently relocated as I have been promoted to manage a site of my own.

Why should someone apply to the Dunbia graduate programme?

My experience has shown how quickly you can gain an in-depth knowledge of the red meat industry. Every day is a school day in this industry, whether you’ve worked in it for a few days or 30 years. You’ll be surrounded by passionate people who have a vast knowledge to learn from.

Prior to joining Dunbia, I hadn’t realised quite how widespread the opportunities are here. Graduates are really valued at Dunbia and are employed in just about every department onsite. There’s something for everyone.

Do you have any tips for future graduates?

You’re unlikely to have the opportunity to move around and experience different areas as much in your future career so use the programme to your advantage.

Don’t be afraid to step up when possible. It’s a great way to demonstrate your personal skills, whether it be time management, people management or attention to detail. Your efforts will be recognised.

My advice is to go for it, apply and see what Dunbia has to offer.

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