Jobs in marketing

Rachel Swain, Editorial manager
November, 2020

If you've got digital skills, an innovative mind and the drive to keep up with the latest industry developments then there are plenty of marketing jobs you could do

Marketing careers

Print ads in newspapers and magazines, marketing materials such as flyers and brochures, advertising on billboards and buses, and TV, radio and film commercials - these traditional methods are all part of the marketing mix, with popular offline channels complementing their digital counterparts for a true multi-channel approach.

Discover more about doing a marketing internship or apprenticeship.

Digital marketing jobs

Online marketing efforts focused on reaching audiences through the latest electronic devices, fully utilising this cost-effective and far-reaching approach, have transformed the industry and created a new range of marketing careers.

Learn about how to get into digital marketing.

Graduate advertising jobs

According to the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), advertising agencies often look for individuals with strong levels of diagonal thinking - a mix of creative and commercial thinking. If you feel you have the required skills, here are some advertising roles that graduates can work towards.

Jobs in PR

A commitment to remaining aware of current issues and trends is essential if you're to successfully manage the reputation of your clients. If you have the confidence to communicate with a range of people - both verbally and in writing - one of these PR graduate jobs may be for you.

Get some tips for starting a career in PR.

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