Property and construction jobs

Daniel Higginbotham, Editor
December, 2022

A major contributor to the UK economy, if you want to work in the ever-expanding construction industry, choose from a diverse range of property and construction jobs

Construction jobs and engineering roles

Careers in this sector aren't limited to the traditional trades you'd easily recognise on a building site, such as bricklaying, scaffolding or welding - as important as these skills are.

Indeed, construction projects require managers with the ability to organise people and budgets to ensure tasks are completed on time to the highest quality, as well as supervisors to enforce health and safety rules and security.

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Meanwhile, engineers of all kinds play a vital role in property and construction, as their highly technical skills are required throughout the planning, building, maintenance and preservation stages.

Explore these vital construction jobs and engineering roles:

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Property jobs

Whether you want to design new buildings or preserve old ones, there are careers in property for you. To qualify as an architect, architectural technologist or town planner you need to be passionate about how design can improve people's lives and deliver sustainability - as well as having a mix of technical and creative skills.

Estate agents combine an interest in property with sales skills, while historic buildings inspectors must have great project management skills to put their passion for preserving history into practice. On the other hand, a job as a housing manager is ideal if you'd like to work with and support vulnerable people and take on a property management role.

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Careers in surveying

To become a successful surveyor, you need to be technically minded and pay excellent attention to detail. According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), surveyor jobs fall into three general categories:

  • Construction and infrastructure surveyors play a central role in deciding what gets built where, from residential areas and leisure facilities to roads, bridges and railways.
  • Land surveyors map, manage and gather data about land that's to be used or developed.
  • Property surveyors value and manage residential or commercial property.

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