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School of Arts and Social Sciences

City, University of London
2020/21 edition

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About School of Arts and Social Sciences

The School of Arts and Social Sciences at City is a cosmopolitan, outward-looking, internationally excellent centre of research and learning on the human condition in all of its dimensions. Ours is a large and vibrant school with around 3,000 students (one third postgraduate) and 250 staff.

We have a world class reputation for dynamic, inspiring and rigorous postgraduate education. Academic staff at the School are highly regarded in their fields and the research they undertake regularly informs academic debate and political policy at a national, regional and international level.



We’re based in the heart of London, between Farringdon and Angel. This gives us an ideal location to study the arts and social sciences. We’re near the global headquarters of English politics, Journalism and Business and Finance industries as well as being a culturally rich hub of history, English and music.

Being in London means we have a global outlook. Our courses are truly international, from our students, staff and our course design.


Our subject areas

  • Media and Criminology: we focus on the key institutions of government, policy-making and the media; extreme socio-economic divides between globalisation’s winners and losers; offenders, victims, the police and criminal justice agencies; cutting-edge street culture and everyday urban life.
  • Cultural and Creative Industries: study one of the fastest-growing sectors of the global economy. We undertake world-leading research into many aspects of the international creative economy, and regularly advise organisations such as UNESCO and the Department of Culture, Media and Sport on matters of cultural policy.
  • Economics: we have wide-ranging but focused research programmes, with an emphasis on rigorous economic and econometric modelling. Among other topics, the research covers health economics, competition and regulation, financial economics, macroeconomics, the economics of migration and behavioural economics.
  • English: City boasts a research-driven environment for the study and practice of the English Language. At postgraduate level you can join our English, Publishing and Creative Writing courses.
  • International Politics: we have developed focused research programmes, with an emphasis on international relations, foreign policy and diplomacy, international political justice, and international political economy.
  • Journalism: City offers the opportunity to study at a celebrated journalism school, in one of the world’s media capitals with amazing opportunities to meet world famous journalists and join our global network of alumni. We provide an intense and highly focussed education to help you acquire the up-to-date journalism skills. We have nine MA courses all tailored to your needs in online, data, broadcast and print journalism. And alongside the journalism skills, we will push you intellectually during your time with us.
  • Media and Communications: we are first in London for Media and Communications (CUG2020). Our media academics look into: Global value chains in the creative industries, Social movements, international activism and participatory democracy, International communications and news institutions in the global age, Gender, media and development and Transnational media and globalisation.
  • Music: we are a rich research department and offer a stimulating and creative environment in which to study and to develop your musical creativity. Our facilities for performance, sound recording and composition are outstanding.
  • Psychology: we are a thriving, research intensive department, conducting world class research across many areas of psychology including autism, memory, decision making and cognitive neuroscience. Students learn from active researchers and expert practitioners in range of innovative degree programmes.


We have three dedicated halls for postgraduate students. City, University of London also works with several third-party housing providers offering safe and modern accommodation within easy travelling distance of the main City buildings. If you are coming to City as an International Student for the full academic year you are eligible to apply for accommodation in City's nominated halls.



We have a number of dedicated postgraduate scholarships that are offered across all university courses and others that are specific to a country or course, for example, Journalism and Publishing. Please see our website for the most up to date details.


Choosing your course

We have a range of ways that you can use to help you find out if our courses are for you: We have opportunities for you to talk to academics, admissions and course officers at postgraduate open evenings and online chats and you can ask our students through a chat function on our website.

Contact details

+44 (0)20 7040 0249
City, University of London
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