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Brands, Communication and Culture

Goldsmiths, University of London · Media and Communications

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You should have an undergraduate degree of at least upper second class standard in a relevant subject.

Promotional Media Pathway

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This exciting degree offers you the opportunity to study one of the major areas in contemporary media and communications branding.

The programme introduces you to the variety of ways in which brands are developed and used, and helps you to understand how the growth of branding in business, but also in politics, government, sport and culture has changed the societies we live in.

What, for example, are the consequences of understanding political parties, artists or sports teams as brands? What happens when the state starts to use branding techniques to communicate with its citizen and how does the rise of digital and social media change the relationship between brands and their publics?

The MA in Brands, Communication and Culture aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the history and development of brands and branding, and their relationship to contemporary forms of communication and culture. Specifically, you should acquire an in-depth knowledge of the social, political and economic backdrop against which branding has become so important, and an understanding of the key themes and debates surrounding its development and use, including the relationship between brands and intellectual property, and the extent to which branding promotes or inhibits openness and transparency within organisations.

You will also improve your ability to think critically and creatively about contemporary communications and cultural practices. When you have completed the programme you will have at your disposal a range of tools that will enable you to analyse contemporary communications, to make judgments about their significance and value and be able to thoughtfully contribute to contemporary communications.

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24 months
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12 months

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