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Institute for Digital Technologies

Loughborough University London
2016/17 edition

About Institute for Digital Technologies

Taught in the high-tech business capital of the world, the Institute for Digital Technologies programmes are designed for students who wish to gain knowledge and expertise in the latest advances in digital media systems, mobile Internet, advanced 5G networks with cloud systems, cyber security, digital engineering and digital technologies combined with business and entrepreneurship.

Each programme incorporates principles and teaching inspired by current research, whilst offering students a chance to partake in development projects and industry-focused work experience opportunities.


Excellent Job Prospects

Our programmes include real world examples of major research and technology development projects and industrial placement opportunities to help bring the students up to date with industry expectations for excellent job prospects.

Our Programmes

MSc Cybersecurity and Big Data
MSc Digital Engineering and Innovation Management
MSc Internet Technologies with Business
MSc Digital Creative Media *new for 2017
MSc Mobile Communication Systems *new for 2017
MRes in Digital Technologies *new for 2017

Management MSc Internet Technologies with Business – (MSc Internet Technologies with Business Management)


The Institute for Digital Technologies provides exciting cutting-edge research opportunities for postgraduate students. Our PhD students are linked to major companies, have access to extensive research and computing facilities, and participate in large scale international collaborative projects, providing them with exceptional postgraduate research experience.

The Institute for Digital Technologies focuses on a broad range of research themes that covers:

  • Interactive 3D Media
  • Advanced 5G Systems
  • Big Multimedia Data
  • Smart Living
  • Cyber Security

Studentships may become available throughout the year, please keep checking our website for details.

Scholarships and Bursaries

  • Inspiring Success Scholarship
  • Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research
  • Gold Excellence Scholarship

Our Scholarships and Bursaries have been created to celebrate academic excellence, support ambition and reward meaningful contributions to local communities.

  • Dean's Award for Enterprise

The Dean's Award for Enterprise offers 90% off the full cost of tuition fees, for students who submit an inspiring business idea to the University.

Applicants are asked to produce a one-page submission of their business idea, and those that are shortlisted will be asked to complete a short video interview.

Winners of the award are under no obligation to start a new business, though winners who are serious about launching their own business will receive professional support and advice to turn their idea into a reality.

  • East London Community Scholarship

The East London Community Scholarship offers 50% off the full cost of tuition fees for students who obtained GCSE or A-level (or equivalent) qualifications from the East London Growth Boroughs of Barking and Dagenham, Greenwich, Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest.

  • Loughborough University Alumni Bursary

The Alumni Bursary offers graduates from Loughborough University 20% towards the full cost of their tuition fees, regardless of their programme or nationality.

  • Excellence Scholarship

The Excellence Scholarship automatically awards high achieving UK, EU and international students 20% off the full cost of their tuition fees

Students must be looking to study a programme from the Institute for Digital Technologies, the Institute for Design Innovation or the Institute for Sport Business and must meet one of the following additional criteria:

  1. A valued graduate, who has made a significant contribution to their University during their studies. Contributions may include a leadership role within a Student Union, a longer-term commitment as a student mentor or ambassador, an Academic representative, a leadership position within a University school or department, or an outstanding contribution towards University fundraising, volunteering or charity initiatives OR
  2. A graduate with at least 2 years of relevant, professional work experience in an industry with links to their chosen postgraduate programme OR
  3. A graduate considering the launch of a new business upon completion of their postgraduate programme


Loughborough University London is located on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, within a new innovation quarter known as Here East.

Overlooking the Lee Navigation Canal in the north west of the Olympic Park and surrounded by unrivalled green space, Here East was developed from the former Press and Broadcast Centers hosting the world’s media during the London 2012 Games. Now the site is a hub for the UK’s thriving creative and digital industries.

Loughborough University London is ideally located, with easy and affordable transport connections to and from central London, the UK and various European destinations.