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Months of entry

September, February

Course content

Learning to become a competent linguist who has an understanding of a wide array of topics ranging from how people learn and use language to how the brain processes language and how language and people influence each other.

Radboud University is renowned for its research and teaching in the field of linguistics. We have a dedicated research institute Centre for Language Studies (CLS) and also work closely with the Max Planck Institute and Donders Institute. You can choose from a wide range of advanced topics in fields as diverse as psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, second language acquisition, language description, language testing and linguistic diversity. There is also a range of combined courses that allow students to learn about the very latest findings in interdisciplinary areas such as cognitive neuroscience

All our courses offer a nice mix of theoretical and practical knowledge: courses situate insights from linguistic and language acquisition theory within the context of everyday communication and contemporary language use.

Specialisations within Linguistics

Within the Master's programme in Linguistics, you can choose from the following English-taught specialisations:

  • General programme Linguistics
  • Dutch linguistics
  • English Language and Linguistics
  • French Linguistics
  • German Linguistics
  • Spanish Linguistics
  • Language and Communication Coaching

Language and Communication Coaching

This specialisation is for students wishing to learn how to teach English for specific purposes and to a wide range of target groups. You’ll learn to analyse a client's needs, how to design a training module to fit those needs, and how to teach it. Your knowledge in English linguistics will also be enhanced.

Taal- en spraakpathologie

In deze geheel Nederlandstalige specialisatie word je opgeleid tot wetenschappelijk onderzoeker op het gebied van de taal- en spraakstoornissen. Je bestudeert deze stoornissen vanuit taalkundige kennis over normaal taal- en spraakgedrag en leert omgaan met geavanceerde (computer)technieken om stoornissen vast te stellen en vooruitgang na therapie te meten.

Qualification and course duration


full time
12 months

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