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North American Studies

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Acquiring solid expertise in relation to the concept of ‘America' with emphasis on the cultural and political relations between the United States, its neighbors and the rest of the world.

The United States continues to be one of the most significant agenda-setting countries in the world. Its politics, cutting-edge media, and exciting popular culture have far-reaching influences on other societies. The world seems to love American culture while being deeply distrustful of its power and politics.

The Master's program in North American Studies touches on subjects such as Americanization, globalization, balances of power, transatlantic transfer, cultural mobility, exceptionalism, and cultural diplomacy. You’ll come to understand what shaped Europe's image of the United States and vice versa. Our Master's gives students the opportunity to acquire solid expertise in relation to the concept of ‘America' in a variety of fields: US history, literature, culture (including literature, popular culture, film, music, and the arts) as well as political history, foreign policy, constitutional law, religion and social science. Nijmegen distinguishes itself from other American Studies programs through its emphasis on the cultural and political relations between the United States, its neighboring countries, and Europe. Current events such as the religious tension between the USA and the Middle East, American foreign policy in Latin America and challenges to approach the transnational and transcultural dimension of North American literatures and cultures form an integral part of our classroom discussions.

There’s a wide range of opportunities for graduates of this program. Your broad interdisciplinary education, expertise in research skills, and excellent command of English will help you find a job in a large variety of international settings.

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