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Accounting and Control (specialisation)

Radboud University · Nijmegen School of Management

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Do you want to dive into the nitty-gritty of a company’s financial system? Want to help senior management in managing the company’s financial affairs? Or perhaps you’d prefer to examine and assess every aspect of the firm’s financial system to provide high-quality public accountability.

After a general look at the most recent mainstreamand heterodox economic theory, the Master’s programme in Accounting and Control totally immerses you in the world of governance, control and accounting. This Master’s will teach you everything about the figures that make businesses operate. And once you graduate you get to go and discover the wonderful variety of businesses, processes and people hidden behind the figures.

Why study Accounting & Control at Radboud University?

  • We see accounting and control as more than learning to use and analyse information systems, management strategies and control mechanisms. Your findings will influence people’s and a company’s behaviour. We therefore emphasise the importance of ethics and other social aspects of the profession.
  • We teach you a nice blend of technical skills that are always fuelled and supported by academic research and developments. We will show you how to discover the practical relevance of academic discoveries even though they may not be directly applicable to your day-to-day work.
  • Apart from other financial positions, this programme distinctly lays a good foundation for students desiring to become chartered accountants and controllers, both in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • Education and research at Radboud University go hand in hand. Our lecturers are active in academic and applied research which allows them to incorporate the latest academic developments and applied issues. This close link between education and research also enables you to actively participate in academic research during your Master’s programme.
  • In all our Master’s programmes, professors and students interact in small groups, thus strengthening the academic atmosphere.
  • Economics at Radboud University could be called ‘Economics Plus’. The ‘standard’ economics package is expanded with relevant knowledge from related disciplines such as psychology and sociology, offering more in-depth knowledge that can be applied in today’s globalised world.

Dealing with conflicts

At Radboud University we challenge you to see financial professions as much more than just dealing with money and trade. Apart from the important professional economic aspects we also examine the social side of the profession in order to train you to be critical of a company’s financial processes as well as your own profession and to consider the consequences of the decisions you make. It will help you deal with the inherent conflicts you will undoubtedly come across in your future profession.

*This is an specialisation of the Master's in Economics.

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UK students
£1.515,00 (€ 1,984)
International students
£ 6.682,00 (€ 9,232)

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full time
12 months

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