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Conflict, Power and Politics (specialisation)

Radboud University · Nijmegen School of Management

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Analysing Conflict in the 21st Century

Why is violent conflict so pervasive? How can we explain the origins and intensity of violent conflicts? What are the conditions for an enduring peace?

This master specialisation offers students insights into the origins, causes, and processes of conflict and conflict resolution. Recognising that contemporary conflicts cannot be understood without taking both domestic and international politics into account, the programme draws on comparative politics, international relations and conflict studies.

Students will critically explore themes such as:

  • The determinants of political violence and warfare;
  • the impact of political systems on the ways in which political demands are articulated;
  • the links between ethnic violence, nationalism and war;
  • how international regulations affect efforts to acquire peace;
  • and which ethical dilemmas arise in such situations.

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UK students
£1,515,00 (€ 1,984)
International students
£6,682,00 (€ 9,232)

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full time
12 months

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