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University of Chester · Institute of Medicine

Entry requirements

Applicants must hold a medical first degree, or hold appropriate professional qualifications and be able to demonstrate suitable background knowledge and skills.

Months of entry


Course content

This programme will aim both to inform and equip the practitioner with the necessary skills to function in a modern clinical environment specialising in caring for the diabetes patient, and will be relevant to day-to-day NHS hospital and general practice.

Programme Structure

The programme is modular with six taught modules. The last of these involves a clinical placement. The course culminates in a Research Dissertation.

Evidence Based Medicine

This module provides training in the essential skills needed as a researcher or practitioner to use the scientific and medical literature.

Analysis and Interpretation of Clinical Data

This module will develop your understanding of the theories underpinning modern analytical and molecular procedures of relevance to the clinician, and develop your critical appreciation of the uses and limitations of a range of analytical and molecular techniques relevant to clinical and biomedical science.

Clinical Medicine

This utilises the changes that occur during ageing to enable you to develop in-depth knowledge of the pathology of selected organ systems, including the importance of diagnosis and management of human disease.


This will provide you with a detailed understanding of glucose metabolism and its regulation and how this is disturbed in diabetes. The different types of diabetes and various complications are discussed.

Therapeutic Advances in Diabetes

This module reviews current guidelines and their evidence base in the therapeutic management of diabetes, and explores potential new therapies.

Type 2 Diabetes and other metabolic complications of obesity

A module that develops a detailed knowledge of the pathophysiology of obesity and how it contributes to metabolic diseases with special emphasis on the management and pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes.

Clinical Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis - Optional

Develops an understanding of the immunological processes involved in various aspects of clinical immunology and an in-depth understanding of the interactions between pathogens and the human host.

Current Clinical Practice

In this module, you will develop a proactive approach to understanding the current developments in clinical practice. A series of seminars and tutorials will be held with various healthcare professionals and clinical researchers. You will also join clinical teams for placements in your chosen specialism for training in a variety of protocols.

Research Dissertation

The Research Dissertation is an opportunity to investigate systematically and in depth a laboratory-based topic of direct relevance to the programme of study and your personal interests; to draw on and contribute to the development of the growing body of knowledge in the broad clinical/biomedical sciences field; and to present the outcomes of personal research in the form of two publishable scientific articles.

Qualification and course duration


part time
24 - 48 months
full time
12 months


part time
24 - 48 months
full time
12 months


part time
12 - 24 months

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