Case study

International Masters student — Adrian Samyudia

After working as a chemical engineer in Indonesia's oil and gas industry, Adrian made the decision to enrol onto the MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS) in the UK

Why did you decide to pursue a postgraduate course?

I wanted to take the next step in my career. After working for seven years as an engineer, I was looking to expand my knowledge in management and learn how to manage innovation in new technologies.

Why did you choose this course and institution?

I had done some reading on disruptive innovation and wanted to understand and learn about how to manage new innovation.

I settled on AMBS as it offered the course most closely related to my interest, and it held a high position in the global university rankings.

How are you funding your postgraduate study?

I was awarded a scholarship from the Indonesian government.

What is the course teaching you that your first degree did not?

This is totally different from my first degree in chemical engineering. This course has a greater focus on business and management.

Tell us a bit about the course.

The MSc Innovation, Management and Entrepreneurship covers the way innovation (technology, process, business model) is managed and how to strategise and become a successful innovator. It also teaches entrepreneurial aspects such as how to start a business.

How is the course assessed?

It's assessed through, exams, group coursework, essays, presentations and a final research paper.

How does postgraduate life differ to that of an undergraduate?

With postgraduate study there are fewer subjects to cover, meaning you have more free time, but the need to study independently is greater than when you're an undergraduate.

What extra-curricular activities are you involved with at university?

I play badminton on a weekly basis, have started playing dodgeball and I'm a student ambassador for the university. I've also joined the Innovation Club, a new student society set up by one of my classmates.

Is there anything you wish you'd known before coming to the UK?

The tips and tricks of living in a new city and a new country. I'd also liked to have known where to go to get your essentials and recommended local food places.

What tips would you give to others choosing postgraduate study in the UK?

  • Pick a course you're passionate about and have a high level of interest in. It will make your time at university more useful and enjoyable.
  • Have a plan as to why you want to do postgraduate study, as it requires a significant investment in both time and money.
  • Read the course syllabus detailed on the university website carefully to see if it fits in with your career ambitions.

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