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Updated: January, 2022

Still recruiting throughout COVID‑19

About BT

At BT, we're more than just a broadband company. Millions of people rely on our services every day without realising. The NHS, emergency services, air traffic control, contactless payments in shops and banks–they'd all grind to a halt without our services, technology, and innovations. Oh, and we don't just do this in the UK; we do it in 180 countries around the world. We're not an ordinary business, and we don't do ordinary graduate jobs. We're here to create the next big thing in technology and we want to take you on our journey with us.

Our graduate jobs are for those that know where they want to start their career, where you can start building specialist skills from day one. You won't rotate around the business, but you'll still get room to grow and develop your career in the way you choose. We know that just because you start in one job, doesn't mean that's where you'll stay forever. You'll get to take advantage of our Academy and plot out the steps you need to take to get where you want to in the future. We know it's a cliche, but the sky really is the limit with your career.

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IT and information services


Birmingham, Bristol, Cheltenham, Ipswich, London, Manchester

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One Braham
1 Braham Street
E1 8EE

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