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BT Group

Updated: February, 2024

About BT Group

BT Group is the global powerhouse behind EE, BT, Plusnet, and Openreach.

Millions of people rely on us every day to help them live their lives, power their businesses, and keep their public services running. We connect friends to family, clients to colleagues, people to possibilities. We keep the wheels of business spinning, and the emergency services responding. And we use the power of technology to help solve big challenges, like climate change and cyber security.

From day one, youʼll have a voice at BT. Youʼll get stuck in to tough challenges, pitch in with ideas, make things happen. You wonʼt be alone: weʼll be there with help and support, learning and development. Youʼll make great friends, discover new talents, and feel part of something exhilarating.

We value diversity and celebrate difference. Weʼll encourage you to be yourself, whatever your background. As Philip Jansen, our CEO, says ‘We embed diversity and inclusion into everything that we do. Itʼs fundamental to our purpose: we connect for good.

Whichever brand youʼre working for, weʼre all playing for the same team. And we all enjoy the rewards of being part of something bigger: the opportunities to explore new experiences, pursue different dreams, and climb challenging career ladders.

Weʼre always looking ahead. We donʼt just sell broadband, and networks, and security, and thousands of clever things youʼve never heard of; in our Martlesham labs, weʼre inventing the technologies of the future. If you want to sharpen your skills in digital, what better place than on the cutting edge?

Four brands. One team, 100,000 strong. Together, weʼre connecting the world. Come and play your part in building the BT Group of the future, one that will be net zero by 2030.

This is your chance to make a real difference to the world. Grab it.

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