Graduate jobs in transport and logistics

Jemma Smith, Editor
February, 2023

Transport and logistics jobs span a range of functions. You could distribute goods, covey passengers to their destinations, maintain transport infrastructure or play a vital role in the planning and management of these services

Those with experience in areas such as design, engineering, construction, supply chain and project management will find plenty of opportunities to work in transport or logistics, with graduate jobs available with large, well-known employers.

Careers in transport management

Whether you're keen on improving transport systems, managing transport services or coordinating the storage and distribution of goods, these demanding transport jobs will keep you at the forefront of operations.

Excellent planning and organisation skills are essential for graduates overseeing passenger transport operations. Read more about road and railway careers and learn more about transport planning courses.

Logistics jobs

A full understanding of the supply chain is crucial to those tasked with managing the flow of products, so they reach their destination on time and in a cost-efficient manner.

Explore what's required to pursue a career in logistics and supply chain management.

Aviation graduate jobs

If your interests lie with aircraft and aviation careers, there's plenty of choice when it comes to working in the airline industry. Jobs range from controller roles on the ground to piloting a passenger aircraft.

Discover how to apply for the leading airline graduate schemes and how to become a pilot in the UK.

Graduate civil engineering jobs

All transport (air, rail, road, water and even space) has a need for engineers to plan, design, construct and maintain the infrastructure. Successfully project managing the efficient, convenient and safe movement of goods and people is crucial to society.

Consider these tips for getting into civil engineering.

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