Research course

Molecular Biosciences

Cardiff University · School of Biosciences

Entry requirements

Suitable for graduates in Biological and Related Sciences. A 1st or Upper 2nd class UK honours degree or equivalent is usually required; MSc/MPhil for PhD Programme.

Months of entry

January, October, July, April

Course content

Molecular Biosciences focuses on the molecular mechanisms underpinning biological function. The Division has a broad strength that spans biochemistry, structural and synthetic biology, cell biology, molecular genetics and developmental biology. The groups within Molecular Biosciences focus on a variety of biological systems including Drosophila, yeast, Arabidopsis, tobacco, Dictyostelium, and mammalian cells, and have a growing strength in the use of post-genomic and systems approaches to solve biological problems.

Molecular Biosciences is an innovative, well funded and cohesive Division with excellent modern facilities for a broad range of techniques. It has close links with Chemistry in structural biology and with Physics in the development of advanced imaging technologies, and collaborates globally with academic and industrial partners. Research within Molecular Biosciences has a broad impact in areas including increasing our understanding of basic biological systems, improving diagnosis and therapy for human diseases and the development of novel commercialisable technologies.

The spectrum of research activities includes engineering protein structure and function, gene regulation, chromatin function, molecular genetics of development, cancer biology, and basic cell biological processes, such as cell division, cell death, cell signalling, motility and chemotaxis.

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Information for international students

Applicants whose first language is not English will be required to pass a IELTS exam with a minimum requirement of 6.5

Fees and funding

If a student is applying for an advertised project which is tied with some sort of funding, they must mention this under the section. Ex: BBSRC funded.

Qualification and course duration


part time
24-36 months
full time
12-24 months


full time
36-48 months
part time
60 months


full time
24 months
part time
36 months

Course contact details

Mrs Swapna Khandavalli
+44 (0)29 2087 5243
+44 (0)29 2087 5211