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School of Computer Science and Mathematics

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2021/22 edition

About School of Computer Science and Mathematics

Liverpool John Moores University’s (LJMU) School of Computer Science and Mathematics centres our modules to equip students with the skills that is highly sort after in the industry. Producing dedicated research that has real-world application, boasting specialisms in immersive technologies, applications of artificial intelligence and data science. Which is why, our Mathematics undergraduate programmes was ranked within the top 5 Mathematics courses nationally (The Guardian’s University League Tables, 2019)

The School of Computer Science and Mathematics has a strong track record of collaborating with others in the industry, having previously used our expertise to work with organisations such as the BBC, NHS, Panasonic, EPSRC and Thales amongst many others. The School also works with local, regional and national organisations through student placement, research, consultancy, short-course activity and has a number of active knowledge transfer partnerships.

Careers-focused courses are delivered in a supportive learning environment by the School of Computer Science and Mathematics, ensuring that you succeed within your chosen profession. The school have an excellent academic and professional standing, leading to students reporting high levels of satisfaction. When you join the School, not only will you receive exceptional, research-informed teaching, you will also have access to our mentoring programme and will study practical modules that will equip you in the industry.

Our Facilities

Housing high-spec facilities in our laboratories, the School provides an excellent learning and teaching environment for students and staff. The city campus which houses the school, has a variety of social areas that provide excellent spaces for students and staff to debate, discuss and socialise. Within the James Parsons and Henry Cotton Buildings, our School has nine teaching labs containing: 400 PCs, three research labs, one postgraduate room, a console lab and a software development lab containing iMacs. Within the Henry Cotton building we also have two computing laboratories.

We also have

  • High-performance computers equipped with mathematical software that is used in the industry, such as Matlab, Maple TA and SPSS.
  • Games development room that is equipped with, PS4 dev. kits, PS Vita dev. kits, Xbox 360 dev. facilities and Oculus Rift development kits (DK2). The School is also licensed PS4 developers and have Unity and Unreal licenses.
  • Console lab with the latest generation consoles for testing, evaluation and project work.
  • Forensics lab containing specialised software and hardware facilities such as Forensic Tool Kit (FTK) and Encase software. This equipment is used within many police forces.

As an Academic Training Partner of Visual Paradigm, Liverpool John Moores University is granted the use of Visual Paradigm for UML modeling, business process modeling, database design, etc.

Our Expertise

Providing innovative research with real-world applications – 80% of our latest research assessment (Research Excellence Framework, REF 2014) impact within this unit was rated as being at international level upon submission to the Unit of Assessment 11, Computer Science and Informatics.

Our REF results were achieved thanks to our research strategy, which focuses on encouraging and supporting collaborative research and external funding applications. For example, as part of our EU Wi-5 Project (What to do With the Wi-Fi Wild West) we are working with European partners in the Netherlands, Spain and Turkey to build smarter Wi-Fi. This work will support new user experiences and business models, even as the Wi-Fi radio spectrum becomes more congested.

Researchers from Mathematics specialise in machine learning, mathematical biology and data science.

Our leading academics publish in peer-reviewed journals and speak at conferences around the world. Members are also actively engaged with funding bodies, including the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA). Researchers work closely with organisations such as the Whiston NHS Trust, Public Health England, Prozone Performance Lab and the Football Exchange.

Our maths-related expertise

  • • Bioinformatics data
  • • Clinical diagnosis and prognosis
  • • Databases in public health
  • • Shopping basket analysis for digital marketing
  • • Football match analysis
  • • Mathematical biology

Our computer-related expertise

  • Network and information security
  • Networking and distributed systems
  • Computer games technology
  • Applied computing
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • e-Healthcare

Contact details

+44 (0) 151 231 2777
School of Computer Science and Mathematics
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