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You’ll need more than analytical business skills to understand today’s global business environment and to succeed in it. Our programme in Business Administration aims at multiple value creation: it devotes equal attention to economic aspects as to organisational and social processes. This attention for the complete big picture is what creates a better understanding of the importance of good management and can eventually increase the performance of all kinds of organisations.

Our specialisations will teach you the knowledge and skills you’ll need to become a well-rounded leader. You’ll have plenty of knowledge of corporate social responsibility and will be able to act independently as well as be a member of a team in any kind of organisation.


Business Analysis and Modelling - Looking at the individual and social ‘biases’ and ‘heuristics' that lead to suboptimal or even low quality decisions, as well as at interventions aimed at improving managerial decision-making (group decision support).

European Master’s in System Dynamics - This two-year programme has been specifically designed for students who are interested in learning how to initiate strategic change in organisations by using computer simulation models. It’s a collaboration of four European universities.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship - In this specialisation you'll come to understand how organisations can grow through innovation processes and what kind of people are needed in the company to accomplish this as well as understand the challenges that entrepreneurs face when starting their business in a changing environment.

International Management - Focusing on the global activities of multinational firms with sensitivity for institutional and cultural differences, combined with a balanced outlook on relations with various market and nonmarket stakeholders.

Marketing - This specialisation is more than just about selling products or services; it’s also about creating value with customers and other stakeholders. You’ll learn how to build and manage customer relationships and how these relationships will help you in key marketing activities such as branding and product management.

Organisational Design and Development - This specialisation uniquely combines both sides of the coin: addressing structural problems of organisational design as well as changes in the culture and social fabric of an organisation; both of which are vital for success.

Strategic Human Resource Management - The general aim of this specialisation is to make you capable of scientifically analysing issues involving personnel and organisation, and to enable you to think about them at the strategic level in an organisation.

Strategic Management - During this specialisation, you’ll learn to analyse, describe and deal with the influences of various stakeholders, strategy processes in organisations, internal and external environment, and internationalisation.

Integrating theory and practice

This programme is closely associated with the research carried out within the Institute of Management Research, where the focus is on research into relationship management, institutional dynamics, decision making and innovative management. The programme combines a thorough training in methodology with action-based learning: you apply the theory you have learned to concrete cases and learn to develop appropriate solutions. In our Visa Skills Lab, you can use computers to make scenario analyses and simulate decision-making processes within organisations.

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UK students
£1.515,00 (€ 1,984)
International students
£ 6.682,00 (€ 9,232)

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full time
12 months

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