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February, 2016

As a job seeker you can expect to sit through a large amount of psychometric examinations and assessments before even reaching the job interview stage

These tests can be issued to applicants online or during a job interview. They test a variety of different skills and come in many forms.

When preparing for these psychometric assessments there are two essential factors to consider that will greatly improve your chances:

  1. finding out what are the assessments you are expected to take and which assessment company will be providing them;
  2. simulating the exact same tests, including question styles and time frames.

Tailored psychometric practice

JobTestPrep is the only preparation institute that provides:

1. tailored practice packages that follow the content and test formats of today's leading assessment companies; 2. tests and packages for specific job positions and responsibilities.

Practise the most common types of psychometric tests used by employers with a mix of free and paid-for resources:


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Assessment centres

After passing the initial psychometric stage, applicants are then invited to an assessment centre to take part in a further series of tests including:

  • case studies;
  • e-tray exercises;
  • group tasks;
  • interviews.

Practise the tests your specific future employer is using

Find out more about the assessments used by each major test provider with a mix of free and paid-for resources:

Prepare yourself for the interview questions you'll face with JobTest Prep Interview Training.

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