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Updated: February, 2019

About Nestle

Our business thrives on the energy and ideas which new young talent brings to us and so the Nestlé Academy looks to inspire, educate and engage those thinking about or just starting out on their careers. The Nestlé Academy offers exceptional learning and development opportunities through a number of different routes, to help you build on your strengths, develop your skills and gain real experience.


Joining one of our graduate programmes means being at the forefront of our industry. Most importantly, it means proving your commercial understanding, your ability to work with and lead other people, and your confidence to take the initiative and stand by your decisions. In return, you’ll have extensive opportunities to learn and develop strong senior connections.


Combine workplace training and study with a real, value-add role in our business with one of our apprenticeship programmes. You’ll have a debt-free, recognised qualification and invaluable experience. We offer a wide range of schemes at different levels across Nestlé, each providing huge opportunities within our teams.


Gain real experience and relevant training to support your academic studies and test your interest in a particular career. The skills you develop with us could give you a head-start anywhere. These opportunities are currently only available for penultimate year university students.

Work sectors

transport and logistics, engineering and manufacturing, retail


UK wide

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