Online gaming develops soft skills

December, 2022

The online games you play can help you to gain a variety of soft skills and help you with your career aspirations, according to new research from the University of Surrey

To examine the correlation between career interests and the games people choose Surrey researchers collaborated with Game Academy Ltd. They investigated the gaming behaviour of 16,033 participants to explore how the hobby could support video game players' future career planning and professional training.

The participants played a different number of games on Steam - a video game digital distribution service and storefront. Researchers studied the 800 most-played games and only included participants who had stated their gender and job details.

Researchers discovered that:

  • IT professionals and engineers played puzzle-platform games, which possibly enhance their spatial skills.
  • People in managerial roles showed an interest in action roleplay games where organisational and planning skills are involved.
  • Engineering professionals chose strategy games which often require problem-solving and spatial skills.
  • Females preferred playing single-player games, whereas males preferred playing shooting games.

Take a look at the full research, 'How online gaming could enhance your career prospects'.

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