Why use your university careers service?

March, 2023

Offering support during your time at university, while helping you to prepare for life after graduation your university careers service is a valuable resource

During National Careers Week we take a look at what your careers service has to offer and how you can make the most of it. Each university will differ so find out where they are located on your campus and head down to meet them to find out what they offer.

Narrow down your options

If you don't know what you want to do after graduation you can book an appointment with a careers adviser to discuss. Either online or face-to-face you'll discuss your strengths and weaknesses plus what you're interested in and they can suggest possible career options for you.

Search for opportunities

Using their networks to connect you with employers, your university careers service can help you to find a part-time job while you study or work experience to boost your CV. They can also help you to find a job, postgraduate course or give you advice on setting up your own business.

Improve your applications

Whether you want help tailoring your CV, writing your cover letter or are wondering what to include in a portfolio, your careers service can help. From a wealth of online resources to group workshops or one-to-one appointments you can get tips on how to perfect these areas.

Get interview ready

One way to help you succeed at the interview stage is to practice and this is where your university careers service comes in. You can set up mock interviews where they will ask you questions and give feedback on your answers and tips on how you can improve. While they can't know exactly what you will be asked, they can give you examples on things you should focus on and what you should avoid.

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